15 Negative Traits And Characteristics Of A Sagittarius

Are you in love with the archer and want to know if there are any Sagittarius bad traits that you need to be aware of? This post can help you with such details. Sagittarius is a fire sign and is caring, fun, spontaneous, honest, and witty. Ruled by Jupiter, they also make great conversationalists among other zodiac signs.

However, as everyone, even they might carry some negative qualities, which could impact their relationships. Knowing them could help you make adjustments and balance out well.

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15 Negative Traits Of Sagittarius

Although Sagittarius can be loyal, assertive, independent, outgoing, and intelligent, they may also exhibit certain traits that may impact their relationships. Here are a few negative traits of Sagittarius.

1. Short-tempered

Spontaniety is one of the peculiar Sagittarius characteristics. while this is an excellent quality to have, it could often lead them to react to situations impulsively. Due to this, they may come off as short-tempered individuals who could erupt at any moment. At times, they might also lose their temper as an impulse reaction to a situation and behave differently, which might be contrary to their otherwise pleasing and fun-loving behavior.

2. Clumsy

Sagittarians like to live life at ease. They love being comfortable in their skin; and hence, they often struggle to follow a strict routine. As a result, they are usually laid-back or unfocused, which may come off as being lazy and clumsy to others.

3. Arrogance

Smartness, attractiveness, and intelligence are a few of the many good qualities that Sagittarians are blessed with. Since they are well-informed, they often steal the limelight and are the center of attention. Subconsciously this can lead them to offer uncalled for advice to others and make them come off as arrogant.

4. Reckless

Sagittarians are carefree

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Sagittarians are carefree, unpredictable, and they enjoy taking risks. However, these attributes can lead them to make impulsive or unstable decisions that they may regret. They might land in risky situations because of their otherwise spirited and happy-go-lucky nature inspired by their ruling planet, Jupiter.

5. Inconsistent

Sagittarians constantly look for new experiences, and while doing so, they may not engage in one activity for too long, making them unreliable. Many things might appeal to them at once. A Sagittarian is likely to change jobs frequently, change friends often, try new things for short durations, and have fewer long-term relationships.

protip_icon Did you know?
Sagittarius is adventurous, and they long for freedom more than anything. They don’t want to be stuck in a relationship and often fear commitment for the same reason.

6. Over-confident

Sagittarians are some of the most confident people you would find. Their confidence reflects well in their behavior and often bodes well for them. However, they may come off as over-confident individuals. Since they acknowledge their assertive attitude and are often self-reliant, they may seem over-confident or selfish to some people.

7. Emotionally cold

Practicality is a strong suit.

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Practicality is a Sagittarian’s strong suit. Although they are friendly, care for others, and are always there for them, their practical approach to life makes them seem insensitive, unsympathetic, and emotionally cold. They are often perceived as being disregardful towards other people’s feelings. However, in reality, they are practical and do not take decisions from the heart.

8. Blunt

One of the Sagittarius traits is that they are always downright honest. Although this is their strong suit, they may come off as rude or tactless. They find it difficult to manipulate their words or sugar coat them, and while many appreciate their honesty and bank on them for their honest opinions, a few may find them blunt or harsh.

9. Awkward

Sagittarians often find themselves worrying too much about someone or a situation. Being to themselves during such times, they miss out on paying attention to their appearance or behavior. They are almost always concerned about the good of others that they barely focus on their behavior or appearance in public, making them look weird or awkward.

10. Impatient

Sagittarius bad traits

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Getting excited about a dinner with friends or a short trip with their family is common for a Sagittarian. Although they are fun-loving and usually overflow with excitement to do new things, they are impatient and restless at times.

During a conversation with a friend, their enthusiasm may often lead them to pay little heed to what the other person has to say. They cannot stay still in one place and are constantly looking for a change or ways to be spontaneous and less mundane. Their impatience and overenthusiasm can often irk people.

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The key to impressing a Saggitarius man is being able to match his energy. So stay tuned in, pay attention to what they have to say, and don’t be afraid to voice your opinion.

11. Stubborn

Sagittarians are persistent and will accomplish something they set their mind to. However, their need to do things right and swiftly, although beneficial to them and others, can often make them look opinionated, uncooperative, and imposing. Also, their desire for perfect outcomes may be perceived as stubbornness and uncompromising.

12. Attention seeking

Sagittarians love attention. They are great communicators and intelligent beings and usually love to be in the spotlight. However, their effort at conversing or entertaining others may seem to be too attention-seeking. Some Sagittarians may also draw attention towards themselves with their charm and dynamism, which could be perceived as attention-seeking behavior.

13. Overthinking

Sagittarians tend to contemplate a situation overly

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Sagittarians tend to contemplate a situation overly. They may overanalyze things to the extent where their thoughts may overwhelm them. Often, this degree of thinking may lead them to disregard people’s opinions other than their own.

14. Boastful

Sagittarians are optimistic, self-confident, and communicative. They love sharing the happiness and extraordinary moments of their lives. However, when they optimistically share such events with others with whom they may not be quite close, it may seem as though they are bragging. Although their intention of sharing the good things in their life may be pure, a few might perceive them as boastful.

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A Saggitarius man is egoistic and self-centered. In a relationship, they only think about themselves and often fail to recognize and fulfill their partner’s needs.

15. Socially naïve

Despite being deep thinkers and of high intelligence, Sagittarians can be socially naïve. The belief that every individual in this world is essentially good and has good intentions often backfires for a naïve Sagittarius and makes them vulnerable to people’s trickery.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you know when a Sagittarius is lying?

Sagittarius keep things casual when they lie. They are usually honest people and think stretching the truth isn’t lying. Being entertainers, their lying methods include boasting, bragging, and exaggeration. When you confront them, they shrug and pretend not to know what you are talking about.

2. Is Sagittarius a baddie?

Sagittarius is a baddie because they are unapologetic. They have no filter and act impulsively. They are so blunt and honest that they can come across as insensitive and rude to many. They have a bad temper, which often lands them in trouble.

3. What is a Sagittarius weakness?

The biggest weakness of Sagittarius is impatience. They lack discipline and are careless most of the time. They are spontaneous and get fed up easily. Since they are unorganized, they struggle to achieve their goals.

No human being is perfect without any flaws or negative traits. This post on Sagittarius’s bad traits would let you understand them to put more effort in those areas. But it does not necessarily mean that they are full of the negatives. Sagittarians are optimistic with traits of intelligence and honesty towards others. Therefore, along with concentrating on the negatives to make it better, they should also focus on the positives side of their character and relationship.

Infographic: Things You Should Not Do Or Say Around A Sagittarius

If you are with a Sagittarius and these traits make it difficult for you to handle them, there is hope to make things work. Since certain things don’t fit well with some people, explore what you may avoid saying or doing around a Sagittarius to help them become a better version of themselves.

things you should not do or say around a sagittarius (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Sagittarians are impatient, and they may react rashly at times, which is in contrast to their usually attractive and fun-loving personality.
  • They are overthinkers and desire attention; nevertheless, they are socially ignorant, making them gullible.
  • A Sagittarius person is known to be overconfident and emotionally frigid, which may irritate those around them.

Explore the darker side of Sagittarius, where traits like excessive frankness, irritability, and an inclination for reckless behavior can be found.

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