24 Clear Signs Of A Taurus Man In Love With You

Knowing whether a Taurus man is in love or not can be tricky. Taurus men can be hesitant to share or express their feelings and emotions thanks to their zodiac traits. Therefore, you may miss the cues that indicate that your Taurus man is in love with you. But though reading a Taurus man’s mind can be difficult, keeping an eye on their demeanor can give you subtle signs that he may be attracted to or thrilled by you.

Read this post as we give you an insight into the signs that a Taurus man is in love and devoted to you. Also, if you are confused about how to respond to his cues, then we have you covered.

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24 Signs A Taurus Man Is In Love With You

1. He knows your routine better than you do

Taurus men are known for their systematic approach to romance. They try to know your schedule so they can be at the right place and at the right time to help you or give you hints of their romantic feelings for you. If you find that a Taurus guy in your life is always surprising you by showing up at your favorite hangouts, he likely has deeper feelings for you.

2. He becomes awkward for seemingly no reason

 It is possible if you’re close friends with a Taurus man—he may suddenly become awkward at times. While some men know how to hide their emotions, a Taurus guy may not disguise it completely. Platonic conversations and interactions could become awkward or uncomfortable, and he can even feel odd about sharing the same room with you.

Taurus man awkward around woman

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3. He expresses with his eyes

Taurus men have several good qualities, and honesty tends to be on the top of the list—even when it’s to their disadvantage. If you look into his eyes, he may not be able to hide his feelings. You will find him looking back with love, desire, and longing for you. His eyes will tell you that he sees you as more than a friend. He may take months to open up to you, but his eyes will not lie.

4. He switches off occasionally

A Taurus man can often run hot and cold when it comes to romance. You might find him switch off and ignore you for some time. He would avoid contacting you or make an excuse to leave a conversation with you. But this indicates that he is head-over-heels in love with you.

protip_icon Did you know?
One thing you can be assured of in a Taurus man is loyalty and commitment to the relationship and partner.

5. He showers you with unique and heartfelt compliments

While Taurus men are not known charmers, they will occasionally compliment a person they love. These compliments will stand out from the rest as they are sincere and come from the heart. Whether it’s about your wet hair or how good you are with animals, a Taurus man will pick up on the minor things he likes about you and compliment you in a heartfelt way.

6. He tries to communicate better

He tries to communicate better

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Taurus men can be shy, but they will try to change their behavior to improve their bonding with you. It doesn’t mean they will suddenly become extroverted, confident, and chatty, but they will try to reach out and communicate more. It could be as simple as talking more often or the occasional greeting text. If he gets out of his comfort zone for you, that signals he is mesmerized by you.

7. He takes his own time to connect

While some men might want to keep building on the spark, a Taurus man will act the opposite. Careful by nature, he will slow things down as much as possible so there is no conflict or issue and there are no surprises that may get in the way of a relationship. A Taurus man will take his time and be patient instead of risking a fight or heartbreak.

8. He talks about you often

If a Taurus man loves you, he’ll talk about you with others. Although he is shy, it doesn’t stop him from talking about you with mutual friends or co-workers. It could be a joke, a funny story, or even a profound quote you shared. If you hear such stories more often, you can expect good news soon.

9. He makes you a part of his small circle

A Taurus man is most comfortable with a small circle of close-knit friends and family with whom he can share everything. So, if he welcomes you into this circle, you should know it is a big move for him.

10. He wants to spend more time with you

Spending quality time

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A Taurus man tends to be cautious and not commit to anything too soon. Thus, if he makes it a point to be around you more often, you can be sure that he is craving your attention. He considers each meeting and conversation a stepping stone to the eventual relationship.

He might have a few hiccups getting into a relationship due to his introverted tendencies, but once he bonds with you, he will try his best to be with you. He will miss you whenever you are with family or friends and will be eager to wait for your return. He wants to share his free time with you and not with anyone else.

11. He waits for you

If you are in a relationship and a Taurus man is smitten by you, he will wait as long as necessary. He wouldn’t want the relationship to end or for you to have a fight, but he will be there for you, hoping to be your next choice.

12. He tries to get your attention

A Taurus male isn’t someone who vies for attention, but he will keep trying to do something for the one he is desirous of. From silly pranks to dumb jokes, he will get out of his comfort zone to get your attention. If he feels that you still consider him only as a friend, he might show his chatty side to impress you.

13. He doesn’t take you for granted

A Taurus guy infatuated with you listens to every word you utter and responds with his full attention. Whether it’s your career, health, or relationships, if he is taken-with you, he will be ready to listen or talk about anything that bothers you and will never take you for granted or dismiss your concerns.

protip_icon Point to consider
If you want to reciprocate his feelings, you need to put a label on the relationship. A Taurus man is very particular about clarity in love.

14. He’s invested in your financial security

Taurus guys are known to be meticulous planners who like to have their life  aligned. If he sees you as a part of his future at some point, it is not uncommon for him to invest in your financial security. He will advise you on investments and savings and even go far enough to help you file or claim your returns on taxes. All these showcase his loving attitude toward you and that he sees a future with you.

15. He feels secure confiding in you

Taurans usually function in small groups and rarely open up to anyone outside their circle. If you find a Taurus man confiding in you, it shows he trusts you and feels comfortable being around you.

16. He protects you

He protects you

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Whether it’s dropping you off at home late at night or calling you to check if you’re okay, a Taurus man will be concerned about your safety. He will check up on you often and make sure everything is in order. While it can occasionally be annoying, you should understand that he has your best interests at heart.

17. He works on the relationship constantly

If you get into a relationship with a Taurus man, you will know his commitment towards you. He might take time to initiate, but once he is in it, he will make the relationship exciting and fulfilling for you. When Tauras men are madly in love, they never get complacent or stop trying to make their partners happy. You can expect him to put his whole self into the relationship.

18. He doesn’t miss a chance to touch you

When a Taurus guy is in love, he will take any chance to make physical contact. He will hold your hand when you cross the road or even give you a goodbye hug. If you are already dating, you can expect him to play with your hair, touch your skin, or even give you an impromptu destressing massage after a long day.

19. He tries to improve your sex life

He splurges on you

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A Taurus man likes to play safe. If he is enamored by you, he might put his desires and comfort into the backseat and focus on your pleasure and fantasies. He will try new things to improve physical intimacy and keep you satisfied.

protip_icon Point to consider
If you want your partner to be wild and experimental in bed, think twice before committing to a Taurus man. In sex, he likes to stick to basics.

20. He gets jealous

While Taurus men are usually level-headed and pragmatic, they are prone to jealousy when in love. It is partially fuelled by their hesitation to flirt. If they get jealous, you may witness strained and awkward conversations and some standoffish behavior.

21. He will start picking up some of your traits

The symbol of Taurus is the bull—and for a good reason—as they can be pretty stubborn and set in their ways. They do not easily get influenced and usually walk their own paths. But when a Taurus man is aroused by you, he will open up a bit and start to pick up your traits. It shows he is comfortable around you and admires your qualities. If you see yourself leaving an impression on a Taurus man, he likes you.

22. He wants to be your superhero

Men usually have a degree of “savior complex” and try to impress the women for whom they have amorous intentions. A Taurus guy shows it by helping you even with the smallest issues. Whether you are moving house or want someone to fix your faucet, he would be ready to swoop in and save your day.

23. He splurges on you

Taurus is known to be a careful and pragmatic spender. But it doesn’t apply when they are in love. If he loves you, he will shower you with expensive gifts, big gestures, and memorable experiences to see a smile on your face.

24. He supports you unconditionally

When a Taurus guy loves you, he will support you in everything you do. He will be there with your parents when they need help and will help you in your career or hobby. No one will cheer for you louder than him, and he will always be there for you if things don’t go according to plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Taurus man attracted to?

Taurus men are besotted by the confidence and honesty in a woman. They also adore physical beauty and luxurious fragrances. He admires a woman who is calm, composed, and mature.

2. Do Taurus men love cuddling?

Taurus men see cuddling as a sign of affection and fondness. So, they love to cuddle their partners often. If you have been through a long day, a Taurus man can make you feel relaxed and comforted by cuddling you.

3. What will make a Taurus man chase you?

If you want a Taurus man to chase you or be seduced by him, dress up, shower them with thoughtful gifts, and flaunt your confident self. Taurus men need passionate partners who can support and comfort them. So show them you are patient, loyal, and dependable.

A Taurus man in love may be difficult to read because they may be hesitant in expressing their feelings. Hence, you need to be observant and look for the signs that indicate their true feelings for you. If they become awkward around you, shower you with lovely compliments, or make efforts to improve the relationship, these may be some signs that show their intent of loving you and caring for you. Taurus is a zodiac sign known for stability and a slightly volatile tendency. Further, Taureans make great long-term and faithful partners. So, if you make an impact on a Taurus man and they become obsessed with you, chances are you will enjoy a happy and long-lasting relationship.

Infographic: How To Know If A Taurus Man Loves You?

Decoding the subtle signs of someone’s true feelings for you is tricky since you wouldn’t want to assume things and get your hopes up only to end up feeling dejected. So if you have fallen for a Taurus man and want to know if they feel the same for you, here are the obvious signs to look for.

signs of a taurus man in love (infographic)

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Key Pointers

  • A Taurus man might not be too expressive about his feelings.
  • However, he might be displaying some subtle signs to indicate his fondness for you.
  • If you want to make a move, you need to analyze his little cues and gestures to discover his adoration.

Are you wondering if a Taurus man likes you? This informative video provides insights into some unmistakable signs of a Taurus man showing interest in you.

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