94 Irish Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter C

ChloeFresh blooming, ripe green shootGirl
CaelA slender personUnisex
CaelaA woman who is slenderGirl
CaileeA slender womanGirl
CaileighA slender forest womanGirl
CailleyA slender ladyGirl
CailynA young girlGirl
CaitA pure womanGirl
CaiteeWoman of purityGirl
CaitlanA girl who is pureGirl
CaitlandA pure ladyGirl
CaitlannA lady of purityGirl
CaitlenWoman who is of pure nationGirl
CaitleyOne who is pureGirl
CaitlindPure natured womanGirl
CaitlyShort for Caitlyn, meaning a pure womanGirl
CaitlynShe is a woman known for her purityGirl
CaitlyndShe who is pure in heartGirl
CaitlynnA fair and pure girlGirl
CaitriaA fair ladyGirl
CaitrianA fair and pure ladyGirl
CaitrinA genouine womanGirl
CaitrionaGenuine personGirl
CaitrynA genuine, pure ladyGirl
CaityaA woman who is genuineGirl
CalybridSaint Bridget's servantGirl
CalycristShe is like a star-flowerGirl
CampbellShe has a crooked mouthGirl
CaoilainnA slender and fair womanGirl
CaoimheA precious and gentle ladyGirl
CaraghTo love someoneGirl
CarahA beloved girlGirl
CaraleenA very beloved womanGirl
CaraleenaShe is deeply lovedGirl
CaralineShe is loved and cared forGirl
CaralynA beloved free womanGirl
CaralyneShe is free and lovedGirl
CaralynnShe is loved and freeGirl
CarenzaA loving and affectionate girlGirl
CarlinaShe is a woman with freedomGirl
CarlineA woman of free spiritsGirl
CarlysA little champion of freedomGirl
CarriganA very pointed spearUnisex
CarrolinA full grown championGirl
CasendanaShe brings peace by dayGirl
CasidheA clever womanGirl
CasidiA brainy, smart girlGirl
CasieShe who is very smartGirl
CasseAn alert womanGirl
CassidyA smart and clever girlGirl
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