66 Irish Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter K

KaedinThe name means Pure SoundGirl
KahlanKahlan name means Strong LeaderGirl
KahlenKahlen name means From John's FarmUnisex
KailieKaille means SlenderGirl
KaitThe name Kait means PureGirl
KaitlenKaitlen means A Woman that is PureGirl
KaitlinKaitlin name means a Pure WomanGirl
KaitlineThe name Kaitline means Fair, PureGirl
KaitlinnKaitlinn name means FairGirl
KaitlynThe meaning of the name is Unadulterater, PureGirl
KaitlynnKaitlynn name means The Fair and Pure OneGirl
KaitlynneThe name means the One that is Fair and PureGirl
KaitrinKaitrin name means Unsullied, Pure OneGirl
KaityKaity name means Unsullied WomanGirl
KallenKallen means Mighty in Battle, WarriorGirl
KasieKasie name means AlertGirl
KassadyKassady means The One with a Curly HairGirl
KaylinThe name means Rejoicer, WaterfallGirl
KayloniKayloni means Summer ForestGirl
KaysieKaysie name means Watchful and BraveUnisex
KeaganKeagan means The Descendant of the Fiery OneUnisex
KeairaKeaira means The Little adn Dark OneGirl
KeanaKeana means She is AcientGirl
KeannaKeanna means Very OldGirl
KeelanKeelan means Slender and FirUnisex
KeelinKeelin means DelicateGirl
KeeltyKeelty means She is from the WoodsGirl
KeelyKeely means Beautiful and FalirGirl
KeelynKeelyn means She is LivelyGirl
KeenaKeena means a Brave Girl or WomanGirl
KeevaThe name means a Gentle BeautyGirl
KeianiKeiani means She is AncientGirl
KeileeKailee means She is a Warrior and a FighterGirl
KeirKeir name means Dark-haired and Dark-skinned GirlGirl
KeiraKeira means Little Dark-haired WomanGirl
KeiranKeiran means The one that is Little and DarkGirl
KeliThe name Keli means War, StrifeGirl
KellaKella means WarriorGirl
KelleeKellee means War, StrikeGirl
KelleighName means AggressiveGirl
Kellynthe name means Descendent of the Brightheaded OneGirl
KelseeKelsee means the Brave OneGirl
KelsiKelsi means CouregeousGirl
KeridwenKerianne means Dusky, DarkGirl
KerrellKerra means Dusky, DarkGirl
KerriThe descendants of Ciar. name of a county of IrelandUnisex
KerrickKerriann means DuskyGirl
KerrieIrish - Descendants of Ciar; A variant spelling is KerryGirl
KevaKeva name means Precious, GentleGirl
KiandraKiandra means ArchaicGirl
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