16 Irish Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter F

FeenaA small and little fawnGirl
FenellaOne with fair, white shouldersGirl
FianaA huntress warriorGirl
FiannaA vine plantGirl
FidelmaA faithful ladyGirl
FinaOne who shall addGirl
FindabairDaughter of Queen Medb (Irish Mythology)Girl
FinellaA person wit fair shouldersGirl
FirdausThe Heavenly City of the Gods; Divine Garden (similar to that of Eden)Unisex
FirdausiParadisical; Heaven-likeUnisex
FirdawsThe Heavens or the ParadiseUnisex
FirdoosThe Heavens or the ParadiseUnisex
FirdousThe Realm of ParadiseUnisex
FlynIt refers to someone with red hairUnisex
FlynnIt essentially means descendant of the red-haired onesUnisex
FoyAlternant of 'Fee' which means 'faith and hope'Unisex
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