54 Irish Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter S

SophieShe is wise and cleverGirl
SadbA sweet and goodly personGirl
SadbhA good and sweet womanGirl
SadhbhA sweet and lovely young womanGirl
SaibhA sweet girlGirl
SaoirseIrish name meaning libertyGirl
SaorlaA princessGirl
SaraidOne who is excelllentGirl
SaraideShe who is the bestGirl
ScathachOne who is in the shadowGirl
SeershaOne who is freeGirl
ShadynHe who is supplantingGirl
ShaenaA gorgeous, beutiful womanGirl
ShaexonA pretty, noble oneGirl
ShaleneA woman who comes from tha magical fairy placeGirl
ShananOne old and wise like a riverGirl
ShanieShe who believes that the God is graciousGirl
ShanleyA hero's childUnisex
ShannanOne who has many yearsGirl
ShannessyA famous Irish surname, one who lives next to a channelUnisex
ShannitA hawk-like womanGirl
ShannondoehThe daughter of a wise riverGirl
ShayleenA girl who is from a fairy land. a magical placeGirl
ShayleighShe is full of majestyGirl
ShaylieAn admirable womanGirl
ShealynPalace where the faires areGirl
ShealynnOne from the fairy palaceGirl
SheelaghA Roman clan nameGirl
SheighOne who is seizing by the heelGirl
SheilaghA blind womanGirl
SheilahA Roman clan nameGirl
ShelaShe who is blindGirl
ShenaeGod is graciousGirl
SheyShe who is courteusGirl
ShielaIrish name meaning heavenGirl
ShonThe God is graciousGirl
ShoneahIrish name meaning God is graciousUnisex
ShoneyThe God's graciousnessUnisex
ShontaeThe kindess and graciousness of GodGirl
ShontalShe is like a rockGirl
ShuannaShe is a present of the GodGirl
SibealOne who is a ProphetessGirl
SileShe who is full of youthGirl
SineOne who has felt the God's graciousnessGirl
SineadShe who felt the gace of GodGirl
SiofraOne who is like an elfGirl
SiomhaOne who is like a good peaceGirl
SlaneShe has good healthGirl
SlanyTo be in good healthGirl
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