45 Irish Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter M

MiaThe person who is dearly to everyone.Girl
MabA girl of high spirits, a happy personGirl
MachaIrish name describing a plainGirl
MacheleShe who comes from the plainsGirl
MadaileinMagnigicent oneGirl
MaddenPuppies, small dogsUnisex
MaddieA woman with great strenght in the battleGirl
MaddynOne whose mother was a brave warriorGirl
MadiganA dog, mastiffUnisex
MaebhThe cause of a great happiness and joyGirl
MaeveShe who is intoxicatingly beautifulGirl
MailysA form of Maelis, meaning princeGirl
MairiaIrish name describing someone who is bitterGirl
MairinA star of the seaGirl
MaitildeIrish name for maiden who is strong in a battleGirl
MajellaIrish name of a saintGirl
MakenziDaughter of a wise ruler who is born in fireGirl
MakenzieA person born from fireGirl
MakinziDaughter of the handsome oneGirl
MaraedWoman who is pretty as a pearlGirl
MauryaA girl who is bitterGirl
MaveOne who brings joy to peopleGirl
MaysA nature loving personUnisex
MeabhShe who is intoxicatingly joyeusGirl
MeallaShe who is as sweet as honeyGirl
MearaIrish word for seaGirl
MearnaA woman of tender characterGirl
MeaveA joyful person. This was the name of queen of ConnaughtGirl
MedbOne who causes a great joyGirl
MedbhA woman who causes joyGirl
MelvaA kind woman, compassionate female.Girl
MeralA large body of water sparkling brilliantly in the day light.Girl
MerielA shining and sparkling sea.Girl
MernaIrish - Affectionate; Beloved WomanGirl
MerriganRelated to the Ocean.Girl
Midethe one who is in need of water.Girl
MiralA large body of water sparkling brilliantly in the day light.Girl
MirenA white sea, or a fair sea, clear seaGirl
MoirinGentle wind blows in the warmest season of the year.Girl
MonroeFrom the mouth of the Roe river of IrelandUnisex
MoreenA person with great personalityGirl
MorgantOne who belongs to the shore of the seasGirl
MorriganA Great emperor queen. The Goddess of death and warGirl
MoyaThe bitter taste of the seaGirl
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