35 Irish Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter A

AmeliaThe one who is industrious, hard working and fertileGirl
AvaA bird; a living organism of the ecosystemGirl
AedA fire, flame, burning fireUnisex
AedhFrom Scottish word Aodh, that means fireUnisex
AelinnHandsome or beautifulGirl
AerinnAn exalted or strong womanGirl
AidanLittle and FieryUnisex
AideenLittle fire.Girl
AidenLittle fire.Unisex
AileeneVariant of Evelyn.Girl
AiliIrish - Light; Germanic - Of a noble kind; Bright oneGirl
AiliaIrish - Light; Germanic - Of a noble kind; Bright one; A variant of AiliGirl
AilisGod is my oathGirl
Aine"splendor, radiance, brillianceGirl
Airliea variant of the name AirleasGirl
AislinVariant of Aisling or Ashling: Dream or vision.Girl
AislingDream or Vision and referring to an aisling,Girl
AislinnVariant of Aisling or Ashling: Dream or visionGirl
AislynA variant of Aisling (Irish, Gaelic) and the meaning is "dream, visionGirl
AkaylaAn Irish surname, means a slender, slim womanGirl
AkaynaOne who is a very beautiful and dear childGirl
AlanaLittle rock, or Harmony, ConcordGirl
AlannaForm of Alana; filled with beauty and serenityGirl
AlleneAttractive, PeacefulGirl
AoifeThe one filled with love, radiance and kindnessGirl
ArleenNoble and a manly individual who is powerfulGirl
AshlingA beautiful vision or a dreamGirl
AssumptaIt is the Latinate form of AsuncionGirl
AsthoreA loved childGirl
AttractaIrish - A virtuous woman; Name of a Saint; Athracht and Athrachta are variant form of namesGirl
AvalbaneA beautiful white orchard; filled with flowersGirl
AveleenShe is a Goddess of war and wisdomGirl
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