575 Baby Boy Names That Mean Noble

AadishFull of Wisdom; Intelligent, Knowledgeable, NobleBoy
AaleeNoble and majestic, highly impressive and awe-inspiringBoy
AaryavNoble Person; Wise and KnowledgeableBoy
Abdaljawwadthe Servant of the Noble OneBoy
Abdelgawwadthe Servant of the Noble OneBoy
Abdelkarimthe one who is Servant of the One who is of noble birthBoy
Abdul hasibDerives from Al-Hasib which means noble, respected or reckonerBoy
Abdul kareemA follower who serves gracious, noble and generousBoy
Abdul maajidA unique personality who seve slave of brilliance and nobleBoy
Abdul muhsiOne who helps reckoner or noble personBoy
AbdulmaajidSlave of the noble, excellence and graciousBoy
AbertoAberto is Tongan form of Albert and means noble.Boy
AbhijatNoble; Wise; Knowledgeable; Intelligent; BrightBoy
AbhijiatNoble and wise; knowledgeableBoy
AbichNoble, a noble man.Boy
AbuhishamFather of a noble or generous personBoy
AdArabic - Settler; German - Noble Wolf; Son of the Red Earth; Son of AdamBoy
AdalIn German it means noble, In Arabic it means justiceBoy
AdalardA noble person who is braveBoy
AdalbeorhtThe bright shining noble personBoy
AdalbertGermanic (Nobly famous); Noble; Honorable; FamousBoy
AdalbertoThe bright noble or the shining nobleBoy
AdalbrechtThe bright or posibbily shining noble personBoy
AdalbrechtaA bright noble personBoy
AdalfieriAn oath of a noble personBoy
AdalgarA noble or wealthy spearmanBoy
AdalgisoNoble hostageBoy
AdalhardA brave and tough noble personBoy
AdalizA sort of kind or noble personBoy
AdalricA wealthy or rich noble personBoy
AdalricusNoble rulerBoy
AdalrikA noble or kind rulerBoy
AdalstiennNoble stone.Boy
AdalwardThe noble guardian.Boy
AdalwenThe noble companion or friendBoy
AdalwinThe victory of a noble personBoy
AdalwineA friend who is kind and nobleBoy
AdalwolfA noble wolfBoy
AdalwolfaA wolf who is nobleBoy
AddaleyAn honourable noble personBoy
AddaneyeOne who is living on a noble person's islandBoy
AddeNoble; Kind; Wise; PoliteBoy
AddiA Variant of Adde; Noble; NobilityBoy
AddneyLives on the Noble's Island; A variant of AdneyBoy
AdelRighteous; Upright; Sincere; Justice; Noble; Equal; AlikeBoy
AdelarA fearless noble warriorBoy
Adelardnoble strength in German; A variant of AbelardBoy
AdelbertA shining noble personBoy
AdelbrechtA bright shining noble manBoy
AdelgundeA noble and kind warriorBoy
AdelhildA noble battle or fightBoy
AdelizOne who is the most nobleBoy
AdelmarA very famous noble personBoy
AdelmoA hard and preserving nobleBoy
AdelmundOne who is of noble birth, born nobleBoy
AdelramA dark noble or a noble ravenBoy
AdelredusA red-haired noble personUnisex
AdelricA noble and honourable commanderBoy
AdemirNoble protectorBoy
AdhitScholarly; Intelligent; Wise; Bestowed with Knowledge; NobleBoy
AdimaIn German it means noble. In Sanskrit it means Primitive or originalBoy
AdlardA strong or brave nobleBoy
AdneyNoble's islandBoy
AdnyLives on the Noble's Island; A variant of AdneyBoy
AdoAwe-inspiring; Highborn; Without Further Ceremony; Noble; NobilityBoy
AdoffA noble or honourable wolfBoy
AdolfA noble wolf, title of HitlerBoy
AdolfoNoble wolfUnisex
AdolfusA noble wolfBoy
AdolphoSpanish variant of Adolf; Noble wolfBoy
Adolphusnoble wolf; A derivative of name AdoBoy
AdstanA noble stone, honourable stoneBoy
AdulfThe wolf who is noble and honourableBoy
AdyA noble or kind person in communityBoy
AebiPet form of the personal name Adalbert, meaning noble.Boy
AedelfleteA fast noble personBoy
AedilbertOne who is bright and nobleBoy
AedilburhA bright noble or kind personBoy
AedilhumA noble warrior or bearBoy
AedilhunA noble favour from GodBoy
AedwulfA noble and honourable wolfBoy
AeldraLives at the Elder Tree; means NobleBoy
AeldredusThe noble red-haired personBoy
AelmerA famous nobleman for his nobilityBoy
AelredA noble wise man or counsellorBoy
AethelA noble snake or one from the AethelindBoy
AethelardOne who descends from the noble snakeBoy
AethelbaldNoble and Bold; A King of MerciaBoy
AethelbeorhtThe bright noble snakeBoy
AethelbeornOne who is born of a noble snakeBoy
AethelberhtThe bright and shining noble snakeBoy
AethelburhThe brightness or a noble snakeBoy
AetheldredA noble snake counsellorBoy
AethelfridThe peaceful noble snakeBoy
AethelfrithNoble PeaceBoy
AethelgarThe spear of a noble snakeBoy
AethelgifuA gift of the noble snakeBoy
AethelgythThe gift from the noble snakeBoy
AethelhardNoble StrengthBoy
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