33 Spanish Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter R

Rafael God has healed Boy
Rafe Short from Rafael, means God has healed Boy
Ras A leader, duke Boy
Raul The councel of the wolves Boy
Raymundo A smart protector of people Boy
Reinaldo Germanic - Well-advised ruler; A variant of the name Reynold Boy
Reinaldos A king's wise advisot Boy
Renaldo Germanic - Well-advised ruler; A variant of the name Reynold Boy
Renato Latin - Born Again; Reborn; Rebirth; A variant of name Rene Boy
Rey Latin - King; Celtic - Ruddy; Red Haired King; Boy
Reyes Spanish word meaning kings Unisex
Reynaldo He who counsels and rules others Boy
Reynaldos A man who gives advice about ruling Boy
Rheal A royal, kingly one Boy
Ricardo A King known for his might and strenght Boy
Rico A ruler known to be strong and firm Boy
Rikárdó One who's power is his bravery Boy
Rio One who is like the river Boy
Roberto Germanic - Bright famous one; Famously Famous; A variant of Robert Boy
Roce He who is as hard as a rock Boy
Roderigo A notable, famous leader Boy
Rodolfo A notable and legendary wolf Boy
Rodrigo One who is acclaimed for his rule Boy
Rodriguez A son of an acclaimed ruler Boy
Rogelio A legendary and famous soldier Boy
Rogerio A person who is a legendary fighter Boy
Rolando He who is the most famous and legendary of all men Boy
Roldan He is a notable one Boy
Rosalio A man of roses Boy
Rosario A young man of the rosary Boy
Rosendo He who is on a path of fame Boy
Rudolfo A wolf who is a legend Boy
Ruy A ruddy, red-haired king Boy
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