37 Spanish Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter T

TaddeoItalian of thaddeus; A gift of GodBoy
TadeoGiven by GodBoy
TajoA name of the river in Spain, means DayBoy
TanisSerpent ladyUnisex
TavaresSon of a hermitBoy
TejanoA resident of TexasBoy
TeoA form of tomBoy
TeobaldoPrince of the peopleBoy
TeodoroGift from GodBoy
TeofiloOne who is loved by GodBoy
TerryVariation of Theresa which means To HarvestBoy
TeyoSpanish name meaning GodBoy
TheresaA harvesterUnisex
ThiagoA supplanterBoy
TiaAn aunt, daughter born to royaltyUnisex
TiagoSaint jamesBoy
TiburcioOne who is from Tibur or TivoliBoy
TiburonA shark fish, one who is form of sharkBoy
TikoLittle brother or elder brotherBoy
TimoOne who respect or honour GodBoy
TimoteoThe person who respects GodBoy
TinoA little one or a juniorBoy
TitoIn Latin it means one who is saved. In Italian it means of the giantBoy
ToliOne who ploughs the fieldBoy
TomasoThe twin baby, one of twinBoy
TomeA twin baby Boy bornBoy
TonioA priceless personBoy
TonoOne who is praised and pricelessBoy
ToribioBestowed in honour of SaintsBoy
TorresA habitational name of a person belongs from the city of towersBoy
TotaA free man, manly or maleBoy
TuliRefers to a brush which uses to paint anything.Unisex
TulioAnimated or energetic.Boy
TuriOne of the wild animals, bear.Boy
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