63 Spanish Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter C

CarlosA mainly manBoy
CaegaA Sanish male nameBoy
CaegeA male name of Spanish originBoy
CalderonAn occupational name, meaning tinkerBoy
CandaHe glows brightlyBoy
CandelarioName derived from festival of CandlemasBoy
CariannA man who is a darlingBoy
CarlitoA little dear BoyBoy
CarlitosHe is an endearing little BoyBoy
CarloA strong mainly manBoy
CarmeloAn orchard that is fruitfulBoy
CasimiroHe proclaims peaceBoy
CassonA man from the manor houseBoy
CayetanoHe who is from CaiteaBoy
CelestinaA heavenly or a celestial individualUnisex
CelestinoA heavenly personBoy
CerdaAwesome hairBoy
CeronA beekeeperBoy
CesarThe hairy oneBoy
CesarioA hairy individualBoy
ChagoThe holder of heel; a saintBoy
ChallenShining MoonUnisex
ChanThe gracious GodBoy
ChanaitA graceful personBoy
ChanakGraceful young manBoy
ChanoThe strong oneBoy
CharaA man who loves freedom and adventureBoy
ChavezDream maker; keysBoy
ChayoA family nameBoy
CheGod will multiplyBoy
ChecheA small thingUnisex
ChecoA small childBoy
ChemaGod stays with usBoy
ChenchoA crowned PrinceBoy
ChenteA positive plannerBoy
ChicoA yong ladBoy
ChuyAnother name for JesusBoy
CidGod; the almighty; one who presides over mankindBoy
CiddGod; the absolute beingBoy
CincoThe number five; one who is fifth bornBoy
CiprianoOne who hails from Cyprus, a place located at the left of SyriaBoy
CiriniAnother word for Cyrus, the means God, the AlmightyBoy
CiscoOne who speaks French; a FrenchmanBoy
ClaudioCrippled; one who cannot walk; lameBoy
ClementeMerciful; lenient; soft hearted; loving; sweet temperedBoy
CnutKnot; the tightening of a thread or loopBoy
ColomboDove, the symbol of peace and happinessBoy
ColoradoDerived from the state of Colorado, or the red river in ColoradoBoy
ConradoA brave advisor or counsellor, who advices others in a brave mannerBoy
ConstantinoStable and constant; never undergoes any changeBoy
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