47 Spanish Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter E

EberardoIt means Brave in Spanish.Boy
EbertIt means Brave or Strong.Boy
EdgardoA wealthy man who is known for richesBoy
EdmundoA loving and passionate manBoy
EdortaWealthy and kind personBoy
EduardoThe holder of rich propertyBoy
EduinRich friendBoy
EduinoWealthy companion; one who has lot of moneyBoy
EdwardoOne who is born to serve like a prosperous guardianBoy
EfiA fruitful and lovely human beingBoy
EfrainA very much fertile landBoy
ElazarHebrew - God is Help; God is my helper; God has helped; A variant of name EliezerBoy
ElianA passionate and loving human beingUnisex
EligioA very private yet interesting personBoy
ElijaFor whom God is everywhereBoy
EloiThe one who has a restless and brave spiritBoy
Emigdiothis is the Spanish form of the Saint Emigdius who was a saviour against earthquakes.Boy
Emilianothis name means someone who is industrious and has the zeal to work hard.Boy
Emiliosomeone who tries to emulate or a rival.Boy
Enricoone who rules the home.Boy
Enriqueruler of an estate.Boy
Enriqueza person who owns large estates and rules them.Boy
Erasmobeloved or someone who is loved by all.Boy
Erikoa Spanish word meaning ruler of the people.Boy
Ermenhildaa word meaning huge treasure.Unisex
Ernestoa Spanish masculinated word meaning determined and serious.Boy
Eronenlightened or mountain of strength or high mountain.Boy
Esaia Spanish word meaning god is my salvation.Boy
EsperanzaSpanish word for hope.Boy
Espiridionlittle spirit.Boy
Estanislaostrength or firmness or glory or fame.Boy
Estebancrowned in victory.Boy
Estefana Spanish word which means someone who is crowned in victory.Boy
Estembera Spanish word relating to stars.Boy
Estephenvictorious or corwned or someone crowned victoriously.Boy
Estevanthis is a Spanish word which means crown.Boy
Estmara Spanish word meaning esteem.Boy
Eugenioa Spanish name for nobility or high born.Boy
Eulaliaa saint who got martyred.Boy
Eulalioa Greek word meaning sweetly spoken or soft spoken.Boy
Eusebioone who worships well.Boy
Eustaquioa Spanish word meaning fruitful or productive.Boy
Everardobrave or hardy.Boy
Everdbrave boar or strong boar.Boy
EzechielThe God made him strongerBoy
EzequielOne made stronger by GodBoy
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