52 Spanish Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter M

MateoHe was the gift of GodBoy
Miguelwho is like unto Yaweh.Boy
MacarioSpanish name meaning happyBoy
MaceoSpanish name, Gift of GodBoy
MacerioA blessed soul.Boy
MadridA place name, Madrid in SpainUnisex
MaicerA male name of spanish originBoy
MalaquiasHe who is my messangerBoy
ManoHebrew - God is with us; a contraction of the name Manuel; Hawaiian - Shark; Passionate LoverBoy
ManolitoGod is among usBoy
ManoloGod is with usBoy
ManuelGod is among usBoy
ManueloGod is with usBoy
MaquinnaSpanidh word meaning machineUnisex
MarOne who is a LordBoy
MaraBitter; Variant of Maria; DestroyerBoy
MarcellinoMaori is the Maori of Mark and means from Marcus.Boy
MarcelloA warrior who is of young ageBoy
MarceloOne who has the strenght of the hammerBoy
MarcoHe who is at warBoy
MarcosThe Roman fertility god Mars for whom March was named.Boy
MarianelA star of rebelliousnessBoy
MarianoA hostile warlike manBoy
MarioA sad, bitter personBoy
MarisenAn aggressive young manBoy
MarkoOne who is malny but tenderBoy
MarquezA title name that is below duke and above earlBoy
MartezMostly used as a surname, means "From the God Mars"Boy
MartinezA person who is CombativeBoy
MartirioOne who is a martyrBoy
MatiasA gift of GodBoy
MatthiasOne who is a gift from the LordBoy
MauricioA dark skinned manBoy
MaurizioHe who has dark skinBoy
MaximilianoA man who is the greatestBoy
MaximinoHe is the greatesBoy
MaximoThe greatest of menBoy
MerA large body of water constituting a principal part of the hydrosphereBoy
MeraldDerived from Emerald, a precious green colored gemstoneBoy
MiguelangelA God-like angel, or a angel of GodBoy
MinchoA favourite of all, son of the closest companionBoy
MitraA dear friend, one we chose to be withBoy
MoisesA kind woman, compassionate female.Boy
MonolosGod is always with usBoy
MontanaThe mountain or the country of mountainsUnisex
MonteA steep mountainBoy
MontegoThe huge as mountain or full or mountainsBoy
MontenegroA mountain of black colorBoy
MontereyThe mountain belongs to the KingBoy
Monteshsomeone who resembles the mountainBoy
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