25 Best Pregnancy Apps For Moms-To-Be In 2021

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Irrespective of how much smartphones are vilified, they make life easier by providing access to many apps. Besides some gaming and entertainment apps, you may also find apps that have evolved into our lifestyle trackers, assisting us in managing our daily lives. Pregnancy apps for moms are one of the most popular apps available today. If you’re expecting or planning a baby, these apps help you through the entire pregnancy journey, from conception to delivery. The apps could help you keep track of your baby’s development and stay healthy during your pregnancy. This post discusses the various pregnancy apps available on iOS and Android phones to track your gestation and assist you through the pregnancy journey.

Fertility Apps

If you are planning to get pregnant, start with the ovulation calculators to know when the right time is for physical intimacy with your partner. Here are a few good ones you can consider.

1. Clue Period Tracker

This app helps in understanding your period and the ovulation cycle. It was launched by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) to help women understand their menstrual pattern.

Available on: Android and iOS

2. Ovia Fertility

This is another fertility predictor that accurately tracks your period cycles. It also guides women by sending expert articles on fertility issues like irregular periods and conception.

Available on: Android and iOS

3. Natural Cycles

This app is designed to predict your period days by detecting your body temperature. It also tells you about the fertility window, helping you conceive or avoid pregnancy via birth control.

Available on: Android and iOS

4. Flo

If your menstrual cycles are irregular, then this is the app you need to predict your menstruation and ovulation time. The artificial intelligence of this app helps you track your upcoming menstrual and ovulation cycle days, as well as physical activity, water consumption, and sleep duration.

Available on: Android and iOS

5. Fertility Friend

This app not only tracks your period and ovulation days but also helps you understand the signs of ovulation. If you are planning to conceive, then this app is just what you need. It delegates the knowledge that you might be seeking while preparing for conception.

Available on: Android and iOS

Pregnancy Trackers

As your pregnancy proceeds, you might want to know about the tips to follow, the ideal diet, and many other aspects such as keeping a track of the baby’s kicks. Here, we give you a set of apps that let you track everything in one place.

6. Pregnancy+

It acts as a complete guide for an expecting couple, through all the stages of pregnancy. Features of this app include: updates on pregnancy info, personal weight management, diet, exercise and labor info, kick counter, contraction timer, and more.

Available on: Android and iOS

7. The Bump Pregnancy Tracker

This app details your baby’s growth during each week through 3D visualization, plans your appointment with the doctor, provides useful info about morning sickness, the checklist for hospital bag, and more.

Available on: Android and iOS

8. Full Term

This app helps track your contraction time during labor. It offers a user-friendly interface and has been designed to track the entire labor period, from the start to the end of each contraction.

Available on: Android and iOS

9. Glow Nurture-Pregnancy Tracker

This user-friendly app keeps you updated with pregnancy tips, symptoms, and articles that empower you with the knowledge of what to expect for you and your baby during specific weeks. It also features community and partner support.

Available on: Android and iOS

10. Fetal Doppler UnbornHeart

It tracks the baby’s heartbeat, thus helping you connect with your baby. It records the fetal heart rates that you can share with your family and friends too.

Available on: Android and iOS

11. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

It gives you a personalized feedback on your pregnancy considering your age, BMI, and medical history. It also provides access to weekly developments of your baby with illustrations and comparisons.

Available on: Android and iOS

12. I’m Expecting – Pregnancy App

It guides you through each day of your pregnancy and keeps you updated with pregnancy tips, articles, and illustrative videos. Track your health data and pregnancy symptoms all at one place with this app.

Available on: Android and iOS

Pregnancy Week-By-Week Baby Development Tracker

It is not possible to see how your baby is growing inside your womb. However, it is now easy to visualize your baby’s week-by-week development and health through apps that are loaded with videos and text.

13. What to Expect Pregnancy and Baby Tracker

It gives you personalized updates on how your baby is developing each week, along with tips, pregnancy checklists, related articles, and latest parenting news.

Available on: Android and iOS

14. My Pregnancy And Baby Today

It helps you track your baby’s development each week, with the help of images and videos. Moreover, it gives you access to the kick counter, due date calculator, a pregnancy calendar, and communities for to-be and new mothers.

Available on: Android and iOS

15. Totally Pregnant

It helps you stay up-to-date with your baby’s development. Its 3D feature gives you excellent glimpses of the week-by-week growth of your baby. The app also features a community for moms where you can post pregnancy-related queries and share various vlogs.

Available on: Android and iOS

16. Hello Belly: Pregnancy Tracker

The app gives an insight into how your baby is developing inside the womb. It features realistic illustrations of your baby during each stage of your pregnancy. It also provides professional advice for every week of pregnancy and tells you everything you need to know about what to do once the baby arrives.

Available on: Android and iOS

Pregnancy Fitness Tracker

It is essential to stay active during pregnancy by engaging in physical activities. Here are some apps to help you with pregnancy-related exercises.

17. Kegel Trainer

It is an excellent workout app for pregnant women. It contains ten different exercises that help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which play an important role during and after pregnancy. It gives notifications on the exercise sessions.

Available on: Android and iOS

18. Prenatal Workouts

The pregnancy yoga app contains a series of low-impact exercises that are beneficial during pregnancy. Each exercise routine is designed and categorized trimester-wise and lasts for 20 minutes. The timer ensures that you are doing the activity within the time limit. It also features some easy graphics to follow.

Available on: Android and iOS

19. Pregnancy Workout Advisor

This app contains illustrations and instructions for carrying out a series of exercises that are beneficial during pregnancy. It also features a weight tracker and gives descriptions on the best sleeping positions during each phase of pregnancy.

Available on: Android and iOS

Baby Names Apps

What do you do when you are pregnant, not planning a diet, exercising or reading? You look for baby names! Here are some apps that help you with that.

20. Baby Names by Sevenlogics

With this app, you can find the meaning of each name with literature, culture, and religious reference. You can search for unique and classic names, as well as names that are hundred plus years old. A great app to explore unique baby names.

Available on: Android and iOS

21. Baby Name Together

This app has more than 30,000 names from different categories. Find the meanings and popularity of the names or look up names based on the nationality of the child. The user-friendly app features two interfaces for baby names, i.e. a list format and a swiping one.

Available on: Android and iOS

Apps For Dad-to-be

Does the father-to-be need some help preparing for the birth of the child? These apps might come in handy.

22. Daddy up

This app tells the dad-to-be how the pregnancy proceeds. It is also inclusive of tools like kick counter, contraction timer, pregnancy checklist and many more.

Available on: Android and iOS

23. Contractions Timer for Labor

The user-friendly app helps the expecting dads to learn about the contractions during labor. It records the duration, interval, and intensity of each contraction. The reports also get depicted in a graphical form.

Available on: Android and iOS

Baby Photo Apps

Want to record the progress of your unborn baby via pictures and graphic images? These apps could be of help.

24. Cinemama

This app is designed to stock your pregnancy memories. It features animations to increase your belly size as well as tools to make them look impressive.

Available on: Android and iOS

25. Baby Pics

Capture the weekly pics of your baby bump and personalize them with the artwork features available on this app. You can share these pictures with your family and friends.

Available on: Android and iOS 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I check pregnancy with my phone?

You may use a pregnancy app to note and track your status before conception and after the pregnancy is confirmed. These apps determine the suitable period to conceive after tracking the menstrual cycles of the participant. Similarly, after conception, the participant may enter a week-to-week pregnancy record in the application to observe any changes. Most of these applications are available for download on Android and iOS platforms.

2. Are pregnancy apps worth it?

Pregnancy apps could help track your pregnancy and may provide tips for many pregnancy-related discomforts. These apps could save you from the trouble of maintaining different sheets. However, note that these apps’ accuracy might depend on the accuracy and frequency of your inputs. Also, note that these apps could not replace a medical advisor.

3. When should I get a pregnancy app?

You may use a pregnancy app anytime during your pregnancy. But the best time to start using it could be before your conception. You may track your menstrual cycle to know your most fertile days.

4. How accurate is a pregnancy app with its results?

The accuracy of the pregnancy apps relies primarily on your input in the app. These apps try to correlate the provided information with medical content to determine the stage of your pregnancy, the fetus’ growth rate, etc. They may also include a contraction timer to help you track the status of your labor. However, these apps only provide you an insight into the situation and are not a replacement for your doctor.

Pregnancy is a delicate time when you should be mindful of your diet and lifestyle. It is also essential to keep track of your health and visit your doctor for regular checkups. Thus, having some pregnancy apps for moms on your device can help you constantly track your baby’s progress and your health status. These apps are personalized, informative, and easy to use. They may also offer beneficial tips to stay healthy and safe while pregnant. Choose the one that best suits your needs, and have a safe pregnancy!

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