15 Negative Traits Of A Libran

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Libra is the zodiac sign ruled by the planet Venus. Like other zodiac signs, there are a few known bad traits of Libra too. The seventh zodiac sign, Libra, is represented with a scale symbol, and persons with this sign are known for their fair and balanced attitude apart from being intelligent conversationalists.

Some of the well-known celebrities who belong to this charismatic air sign are Serena Williams and Kim Kardashian.

However, with so many favorable characteristics, this star sign is not devoid of a few unfavorable ones. Read on as we discuss all the negative aspects of Libra that could help you understand them better.

15 Negative Traits Of Libra Man Or Woman

As per astrology experts, a few personality traits of Librans can bring hassles in their life. These traits need not necessarily be seen in all Librans as each person is different and unique.

1. They may be indecisive

Librans, being an air sign, deal within decisiveness. In the quest for that perfect decision, they keep analyzing and nit-picking the pros and cons of every scenario. It makes it hard for them to reach a consensus. They can get influenced by people around them and change their thinking. Even if they have to make a small decision, they may take a long time and change their choices multiple times.

2. They may be shallow

Librans are known to have a weakness for beautiful people. While it is said, “Don’t judge the book by its cover,” Librans overlook this fact. They get swayed by beauty and judge a person based on their looks. As a result, they are usually given the tag of ‘superficial’ by people around them.

3. They may be controlling

Librans are peace-loving and try to avoid conflict as much as possible. However, in the process of neutralizing the conflict, they might become overbearing and demand others to follow them. They might even manipulate people around them to stick to their decision. So even if their intentions are right, their bossiness could turn people off.

4. They may be self-indulgent

Librans believe in enjoying all the best things life has to offer. They are pleasure seekers who focus on what makes them happy. While they have a charitable side and want to help others, sometimes they act selfishly. This quest for pleasure can make them seem self-centered. During such times, they might disregard the feelings of everyone else around and put themselves first.

5. They may be intolerant

When something wrong happens with the Librans, they do have the strength to tolerate it. Though they are peace-loving, they believe in justice and do not easily forgive people. Some Librans know about it and work on this quality to improve their personality.

6. They can emotionally detach themselves

While Librans are emotional, they can detach themselves. Due to this trait, they think logically and invest emotionally only when they think it is necessary. If a particular situation or person doesn’t stir them, they disconnect and get distant. While it helps them maintain their inner peace and mental health, they may be perceived as unemotional by others.

7. They may get impatient

Librans can get impatient when things don’t go their way. Once they decide on something, they want it to happen as quickly as possible. Waiting makes them restless.

8. They may be unreliable

People belonging to the sun sign Libra commit but might not stand by it as they are on the fence about the whole thing. So, they present big ideas and make elaborate plans but fail to follow as they cannot make up their minds.

9. They may be lazy

Librans are enthusiastic at the planning stage, but they might lose their energy and start slacking off at the execution stage. They try to avoid a situation or find an easy way out as they don’t want to confront the problem. As a result, they do not finish certain tasks.

However, there is a brighter side to their laziness. They often come up with clever shortcuts and hacks to handle a tricky situation as they find a way to delegate, outsource, or automate the task and get it done.

10. They can be master manipulators

Librans use their expertise to manipulate people in their favor. They are good at charming people to get their work done. If anyone disagrees with them, they influence and get them to go along with their ideas.

11. They find it difficult to say no

Librans are people pleasers and want to be in everyone’s good books. They also like harmony and want to avoid confrontations as much as possible. Due to this, it is difficult for Libra to say no. If a friend wants Libra to accompany them for a trip, they might not directly say no even if they can’t go or don’t want to go. Instead, they may back out at the last minute with some excuse. They cannot say not to you at your face, so they choose the cowardly way out.

12. They may find it difficult to keep secrets

Due to their sharp observation and excellent communication skills, Librans enjoy talking and sharing interesting tidbits. However, in the process of entertaining the crowds, they sometimes reveal confidential information. While the intention may not be to malign the person, they could inadvertently cause damage.

13. They tend to lie sometimes

Librans can sometimes lie to keep people happy around them. In the process of pleasing people and avoiding conflicts, they tend to sugarcoat their words. If you ask their advice or opinion, you might not get an honest answer because they do not want to hurt you. As a result, it could be difficult to trust Libra.

14. They may have commitment issues

As they overthink, it becomes difficult for them to commit. Knowing every possible way in which things may go wrong scares them. They are romantic at heart but tend to keep their options open. Despite being in a relationship, they might flirt with others due to the fear of commitment. It takes time for them to commit, and once they do, they prove to be loyal.

15. They pity themselves too much

When the going gets tough, Librans tend to look for assurance and support from their loved ones. They struggle to remain optimistic, but when their ego takes a hit, they vent out. At times, they may go overboard and blame everyone and everything around them. Despite knowing their faults, it could be difficult for them to accept responsibility and make the required improvements. They tend to wallow in self-pity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s wrong with Libra men?

Libra men could be insecure, unreliable, and insensitive. They are irresponsible and may cancel on you at the last second. They take much longer to commit than other zodiacs and struggle to make decisions.

2. What do Libras do when they’re angry?

Libras are usually calm and peace-loving individuals. So, when they get angry, they find it hard to contain themselves and explode. They don’t like confronting their negative emotions. Instead, they vent their anger to feel better.

Every person belonging to every sign has negative traits, and one should not only concentrate on those qualities while getting to know a person. In the same way, Librans also have a few negative traits and weaknesses, but that does not necessarily define how they are as a person or their characteristics. They also have good qualities that need to be appreciated and focused on. Working on the negative traits with patience and giving them time will help them overcome them and be a better version of themselves.

Key Pointers

  • Librans are emotional and think logically whenever necessary.
  • They may be indecisive, self-indulgent, and have commitment issues.
  • However, they have several good qualities that can help them work on their flaws.

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