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If you have a Piscean in your life, you may want to know about Pisces bad traits and good traits to understand them completely. Pisces, a water sign, is the final sign of the zodiac.

It is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, indicating a conflict between the perception of reality and fantasy. As the ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune, Pisceans are dreamers and often tend to live in an imaginary world, leaving behind the real one.

Read on if you are interested in knowing more about the negative attributes of Pisces.

15 Negative Traits Of Pisces

Pisceans tend to wear rose-tinted glasses when addressing any problems in their lives, so they have a reputation for living with their head in the clouds.

1. They tend to be sensitive and moody

Being sensitive is okay, but Pisceans can get over-emotional sometimes and project their weakness on their close ones. Often, they are perceived as irrational or manipulative because of their unwillingness to handle reality. They also tend to be self-pitying and self-victimize themselves without understanding others’ perspectives.

2. They overthink

Forgetting is not in a Pisces handbook. However, overthinking is something that they do quite often, and that entangles a chain of pessimistic thoughts. They often picture the worst thing that could happen and cannot forgive and forget easily.

3. They suffer from low self-esteem

Pisceans are shy, lack self-confidence, and are anxious about most things. When they love someone dearly, it is easy for them to get attached. They constantly try to please others without letting them down. If any conversation seems to be difficult, they get depressed. It negatively affects their morale, which ruins a lot of their relationships.

4. They are indecisive

They lack decision-making skills and get nervous about making the first move, giving them a reputation for being unambitious, inactive, and lazy. Their casual approach toward life often renders them immobile to take proper action and steer through life.

5. They have an escapist tendency

Pisceans are escapists since they have an active imagination. Their mind creates the wildest of imaginations, making them the best artists and visionaries. However, they daydream a lot and focus less on reality. Perhaps this is why they seem to hesitate when they face a difficult situation. They trust the wrong people who end up betraying them.

protip_icon Point to consider
Pisceans are born with a seemingly natural understanding of the world they live in. While there are some negative traits, they are compassionate, imaginative, and super trustworthy.

6. They avoid taking responsibility

If Pisceans don’t like something wholeheartedly, they will refuse to get involved in it. If they get involved, and things get the slightest bit complicated, they will blame others in no time. Their evasive tendency can also be seen in their relationships, where they avoid solving problems and blame it on their partner. This tendency to avoid responsibility may make them seem unpredictable and unreliable in relationships.

7. They are lazy

As much as Pisceans can work hours in a single day to achieve their goal, they don’t show the same vigor in other areas of life. They invest a lot of time in charity, but they turn back into couch potatoes when home. They aren’t keen on running errands or doing the usual chores.

8. They tend to be weak-willed

Pisceans can get unmotivated quite easily. If they see someone fail, they get demoralized and leave the situation instead of trying. It is one of the traits that hinder their day-to-day life and makes them weak and vulnerable.

9. They can be clingy

They are not daring and are considered one of the most insecure signs. Even though they stay distant and aloof, they will hold on to someone for security when emotional. It is their clinginess that becomes quite evident when they feel edgy.

10. They can be naive

They are gullible and do not think logically, which tends to backfire on them. People tend to take advantage of their selflessness. Pisceans have the tendency to see the world with translucent glasses, which is why they believe even the most appalling lies.

11. They are hedonistic

Since Neptune rules the sun sign, Pisceans exude energy similar to that of the ocean. As creatures of the sea, they often seek comfort and peace away from the confusion and chaos in everyday lives. Their self-indulgence makes them have depressing thoughts. They try to find comfort in addictive substances as that helps them break away from life’s difficulties.

12. They tend to be secretive

It’s natural for Pisceans to be secretive. Since they have many secrets to keep, people close to them get frustrated. It makes things less transparent, causing distress in their relationships.

13. They can be greedy

People under the Pisces zodiac sign tend to be materialistic. For them, cash should be flowing in. They also have tendencies to save money, but sometimes, they come off as misers to others.

14. They are scatter-brains

Pisces are free-spirited souls and have a wild imagination, making them great artists. But they don’t work well in controlled environments. If they are put into a business setting, they get easily distracted. Since they do not like to work under firm regimens and deadlines, they can be seen as unfocused and unreliable.

15. They can be forgiving

One of the best traits about Pisces is that they forgive even the most atrocious mistakes, but this is a negative trait as well. Since Pisces can forgive easily, people take advantage of their loving and caring nature. As a result, they end up heartbroken quite often than not.

But do not take their ability to forgive as their weakness. Pisces can be ruthless and vengeful if need be. This is how Lady Caer Morganna, a Pisces female feels about herself and other Pisces. She says, “It seems to me that there a two different types of Pisces ~ the ones who get even (and believe me when I say ‘even’ I mean think nothing of hitting you where it hurts the most), and the ones who more often than not simply choose to cut their losses and just walk away licking their wounds (i).”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a Pisces get jealous and have anger issues?

Pisces is considered to be an overly sensitive sign. However, people are unique individuals, and a complex interplay of genetics, environment and individual experiences shapes their personalities and behaviors. For example, jealousy and anger are universal emotions that can affect anyone regardless of their astrological sign.

2. How do Pisces react to ignoring?

Some Pisces individuals may react emotionally to being ignored and feel hurt or upset. Others may be more introspective and retreat inward when feeling ignored. However, individual experiences and personal characteristics play a much larger role in determining how a person will react to being ignored.

3. Are Pisces hard to love?

Pisces tend to be compassionate, imaginative, and highly intuitive, which can contribute to their unique qualities as partners. Additionally, they often prioritize emotional connections and may deeply understand others’ needs and emotions. Still, some general traits associated with the Pisces zodiac sign might present unique challenges in a romantic relationship. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Pisces individuals are inherently difficult to love. Remember, the compatibility and ease of loving an individual can vary depending on individual personalities and experiences.

4. Are all Pisces prone to the same negative traits, or are they individual-specific?

Pisces are the most empathetic of the different zodiacs. Most of them are hedonistic, incredibly imaginative, escapists, and indecisive. But that doesn’t mean that every person of this zodiac will have these negative traits. Considering these qualities as definitive determinants of Piscean’s personality or behavior is not wise. An individual’s characteristics rely on various factors, such as upbringing and personal experiences.

5. How can Pisces recognize and work on their negative traits?

Self-reflection is the key to identifying certain behaviors and patterns that may be hindering an individual’s personal growth. Seeking feedback about themselves from trusted friends can also help. Once the feedback is received, they should take the constructive criticism seriously and view it as a chance to improve themselves. Developing a realistic view of life and confronting challenges head-on is also essential to stop their tendency to escape difficult circumstances.

Pisceans are innocent visionaries who want to make the world a better place. They help people in any way they can as it gives them a sense of satisfaction. However, as innocent as their idealism might be, it often blinds them to the real world. When things go haywire, they will ignore their circumstances and are often convinced that things will get better without working for it.

Infographic: A Few More Negative Traits That You Should Know About

Every sign has both positive and negative traits. We have compiled a few more negative traits about Pisces in the following infographic. Remember not to just focus on the negative traits and look toward the positive ones, too. Read on and save it if you would like to refer to it in the future or share it with friends.

adverse traits of a Pisces (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Two fish swimming in opposite directions represents Pisces, a water sign.
  • Pisceans overthink and self-victimize, often living in an imaginary world.
  • Indecision and low self-esteem are common traits of Pisceans, who may also be escapists.
  • Pisceans tend to avoid responsibility, displaying laziness, weak will, and clinginess.
  • Additionally, Pisceans can be forgetful, greedy, secretive, naive, and unrestrained.
Negative Traits Of A Pisces_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/MomJunction Design Team

Discover more about the negative characteristics associated with Pisces in this video, where their darker aspects, including tendencies towards manipulation, secrecy, and heightened emotionalism, are explored in detail.

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