15 Psychic Or Spiritual Signs Your Ex Misses You

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You had a breakup, but you sense that your ex is thinking about you as you had a deeper connection with them. Though there is no scientific evidence, some psychic signs your ex misses you could be true. Some of these spiritual signs can be strong, while others could be subtle. If you believe in spirituality, you may be considering the mystical cues. For instance, when reeling through such scenarios, you could be smiling or experiencing goosebumps. But, irrespective of what it is, you may want to know more about it. With open-mindedness and a little patience, you will start to recognize the signs. So read this post and know if your ex is still missing you. However, do not completely depend on them as sometimes it could be a fallacy.

15 Psychic Or Spiritual Signs Your Ex Misses You

Here are a few spiritual signs that might reflect your ex missing you. However, not all might be true as there is no proof behind it.

1. You may dream of them

Many people believe that dreams are one of the ways to connect in realms beyond your own. Dreaming about your ex may not only mean that you miss them but it could also be a sign that they are missing you, too, subconsciously. If you are having recurring dreams of your ex, it could indicate that they are trying to reach or connect with you even without realizing it.

2. You might get hiccups

You may say that you get hiccups when you eat too much spicy food, drink a lot, experience excitement or anxiety, or swallow air while chewing. However, what about the situations when you get hiccups without such triggers? It is a saying that if you are getting hiccups, then a loved one is remembering you. But, having said that, it might not always be true.

3. You may smile (without realizing)

Do you often get asked ‘what is so funny?’ or ‘why are you smiling?’ However, when you think about it, you realize you were in your own bubble. You may not notice, but you may be doing this even during your classes, during a meeting, or even when buying groceries. It might be a sign that your ex is thinking about you with a feeling of warmth and love that is making you happy and cozy inside.

4. You may feel being touched

Have you heard about clairsentience? It is a feeling of physical touch. This word has a French origin that translates to clear feeling. Some people may feel a psychic energy of being touched, pricking on the skin, or goosebumps. You may ignore this feeling once, but if you are experiencing it often, it might mean that your ex is missing you.

5. You may sneeze randomly

Again, there are possibilities that you sneeze due to an allergy, cold, pollen, or dust. However, if you are sneezing randomly without any reason, it might be a psychic sign that your ex is missing you. Some also say that three sneezes in a row mean someone is missing you dearly.

6. Your eyes may twitch

In popular belief, it is said that if you experience a twitch in your left eye, it means somebody is missing you dearly with feelings of love and care. However, if your right eye twitches, then they are thinking about you but with negative emotions. Irrespective of what is true or not, be mindful of your twitches and intuition.

7. You may experience mood swings

There might be a psychic connection when you are experiencing random mood swings. It is said that when two people are deeply connected, they get attached physically and share emotions too. So the best way to know if the reason is your ex or something else is to notice if these mood swings are co-related to the thoughts revolving around your ex.

8. You may feel the urge to meet them

Breakup means you have parted ways. So how do you understand that urge to be with them? If you have constantly been thinking about them and hope to see or meet them, there’s a possibility of your ex going through the same emotions. However, if you have a strong urge to meet and be there with them, you may need to clear your thoughts and decide if getting back together is an option.

9. You may experience their energy

It is believed that we all exude and absorb energy that affects us, our thoughts, and our body. This energy also connects our souls. So, when you are experiencing their energy around you, it may be a psychic sign that your ex is thinking about you.

10. You can’t get them out of your mind

If you are constantly thinking about your ex, it is not just you. It may be a sign that they are also thinking about you the same way. It could be possible that they are sending strong energies in your direction, and you can’t control those.

11. You might see a pink feather

Did you randomly see or pick up a pink feather? Feathers are considered sacred or angelic. Here is the catch, it doesn’t have to be a real pink feather. It can be in a book, as a picture, or any manifestation. If you see it, it could be a psychic or spiritual way to know that your ex is missing you with positive feelings.

12. You might hear ‘the song’

Suppose you hear your special song on the radio or anywhere else that signifies the special moments you shared. In that case, it could be the universe’s way of telling you spiritually that your ex is missing you.

13. You may run into them in the strangest of places

Although you both avoid talking and running into each other at your regular hangout places, what if you catch a glimpse of them in the strangest of places? It is believed that when people are connected, they can wind up at the same place, at the same time. It could be another spiritual sign that your ex is missing you and thinking of running into you.

14. You might hear their name too often

Do you keep hearing your ex’s name out of nowhere? It may be a spiritual sign that your ex is missing you. Wherever you go, be it a grocery store, a restaurant, or even on the television, you keep hearing their name. This may mean that you both are connected at some level and your ex is experiencing the same feelings for you.

15. They may find your stuff

Some consider this as one of the most powerful spiritual signs. If your ex tells you that they have found some of your stuff in their place, then it may mean that they are missing you. The space you had in their home is not different from the space you have in your ex’s heart.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes an ex come back?

Your ex may want to come back due to guilt and understanding of their mistakes or loneliness. Some other reasons may include willingness to give the relationship another chance out of respect for you, or they are looking for physical intimacy.

2. How do I make my ex think I moved on?

A few tips to show your ex you’ve moved on are:

  • Posting your happening life on social media
  • Acting casual and distracted when you see them
  • Engaging in new hobbies or activities

Now, you may ask, how do you react to such psychic and spiritual signs of missing your ex? The simplest thing is to acknowledge these signs and your feelings. Sometimes, the energies or vibes you send out or receive can say a lot about your connection. Most importantly, if you have broken up with your ex and are experiencing these signs, it doesn’t mean that you have to go running back to them. Also, these feelings may not always indicate positive vibes from your ex. So, take your time to understand your feelings and if you want to be back together.

Key Pointers

  • You are still dreaming about your ex, getting hiccups unexpectedly, or smiling without realizing.
  • If you had a strong link with your ex, you might sense their aura and experience mood swings, indicating your ex is missing you.
  • You won’t be able to get them out of your head, and you’ll feel sudden urge to meet them.

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