160 Ancient Greek Baby Names With Meanings

It has always been asserted that the purpose of naming is giving identity to a person. And for the Ancient Greeks, there were not one, or two, but three elements in this identification – the personal or given name, the name of a parent, which is usually the father’s name, and a name that indicates the origin or membership in a particular kinship.

The Ancient Greeks followed the Indo-European norm of giving one personal name. You can find this pattern in Homer’s poems, dated eighth century and Mycenaean texts of the 13th century.

The patronymic or matronymic (which was rare) was required for identifying and legitimizing the baby. Women of Ancient Greece bore standard male names with a feminine ending or suffix. The etiquette of those times required that women must be spoken of as the daughter or wife of someone than by their own names. But on the dedications and gravestones, they had to be referred by their given name. The given name and the patronymic were followed by a name that indicated the origin.

Of the hundreds of thousands of Ancient Greek baby names, MomJunction has selected the best for you in the list below. Take a look!

AgnesA chaste womanGirl
AlexanderDefender of MankindBoy
AristotleExcellent, best thinker; name of a great philosopherBoy
ChrysantheA golden coloured flowering plantGirl
EuthaliaFlower or BloomGirl
GeorgiusOne who works as a farmer or planterBoy
Heronheron is long legged bird,Greek inventor known as HeronBoy
KassandraKassandra means She Who Shines and Attracts MenGirl
KyrosKyros name means He who is Far ShightedBoy
LinusSon of the God Apollo, this is a name from Greek Mythology and means flaxBoy
MelissaGermanic - Hard Worker; Greek - Honey; Bee; Strong Work; Industrious; Highborn Power; Variant of MelissaGirl
OlympiasBelongs to the home of GodsGirl
PlatoA man who is broad-shoulderedBoy
SophiaShe who posesses great knoledge and wisdomGirl
ThalesGreek name, means to flourishBoy
AchaikosAchaikos is the ancient Greek form of Achaicus. It refers to a region in Greece names Achaia.Boy
AeroposMale form of the name Aerope.Boy
AeschylusAeschylus originates from the Greek name Aischylos, which means shame.Boy
AftonioThe literal meaning of aftonio means one who does have any jealousy.Unisex
AgapetosAgapetos is the original form of Agapito. It means beloved.Boy
AikaterineAncient Greek form of Katerine. It means pure.Girl
AkakiosAkakios is derived from a Greek word meaning innocent or not evil.Boy
AlkaiosAlkaios is Greek form of Alcaeus. It means strength.Boy
AlketasStrength, a strong man.Boy
AlkibiadesAlkibiades is the Greek form of Alcibiades. It means strength or force.Boy
AmpeliosAmpelios is the original Greek form of the name Ampelio. It means vine.Boy
AnakletosOriginal Greek form of Anacletus. It means invoked.Boy
AnaxagorasAnaxagoras is derived from Greek element anax, which means master, or lord and agora, which means assembly, marketplace.Boy
AndroklesGreek form of Androcles. It means glory of man.Boy
AndronikosAndronikos is a form of Andronicus. It means victory of a man.Boy
AnekaFor the one with God's grace and majestic personality and friendly natureGirl
AniketosOriginal form of Anicetus. It means 'unconquerable'.Boy
AnnellaGod is gracious one and he has answered the prayersGirl
AnnelleGod has answered the prayersGirl
AnnethVariation of Hannah; a beautiful prayerGirl
AntigonusThe ancient Greek name means against or compared to.Boy
AristomacheShe who is best in the battle.Girl
ArletEagle; name of an east Indian spiceGirl
ArsenieArsenie is a variation of Arsenia and means virile.Girl
ArtjomsFollower/gift of Artemis. A variant of Artemus.Boy
AryeLion; beautiful individualBoy
AspasiaName of the lover PericlesGirl
AsphodelName of the flower lily; resembles a flowerGirl
AstaraOld Greek starGirl
AsterAn Old Greek name derived from asteri meaning starGirl
AstraeaA derivative from the Greek language for the starGirl
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