46 Czech Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Czech baby girl names hold an enchanting charm and sound unique and beautiful. These names have been gradually gaining notability in the West as the world slowly immerses with the advancement of technology. The Czech Republic is a country in central Europe greatly influenced by its surrounding regions (since it is landlocked). Though the native language spoken by the nation's inhabitants possesses Celtic and Proto-Slavic roots, many of the words used today have been influenced by English and Popular Culture. The Czech Republic has pristine and awe-inspiring landscapes, and the people of the land are equally fascinating. The Czech Republic is believed to be the land where the idea of robots and robotics first came to life.

In Czech culture, the names are typically composed of two elements, the given name and the surname, although some people may choose more than one first name. Many traditional Czech names have found their way to America and other parts of the Western World. Names such as Ema, meaning ‘whole’ or ‘great,’ Karolina meaning ‘tiny’ or ‘feminine,’ Natalie meaning ‘born on Christmas Day,’ and Sofie meaning ‘wisdom’ have become extremely popular. A popular bearer of the name Natalie is Natalie Portman. She is an American actress best known for her performances in Star Wars, The Black Swan, Thor, and V for Vendetta; she also takes a keen interest in social work activities (1). Czech baby girl names are beautiful and are backed by a rich and vibrant culture and heritage. Despite various regional influences, these names have managed to retain their charm and popularity. They have a profound connection to the nation’s captivating history and have gained recognition beyond their homeland. So, peruse this compilation of famous Czech feminine names mentioned along with their meanings; pick a name that resonates with your family values while adding a touch of Czech heritage to your little angel’s identity.

heart image Adela Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble; Gentle
heart image Eliska Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is fully devoted to God
heart image Ema Baby Girl Sign Girl Whole; Great
heart image Karolina Baby Girl Sign Girl Tiny; Feminine
heart image Natalie Baby Girl Sign Girl Born on Christmas
heart image Sofie Baby Girl Sign Girl Wisdom
heart image Tereza Baby Girl Sign Girl To harvest
heart image Viktorie Baby Girl Sign Girl Victorious; Victory
heart image Belias Baby Girl Sign Girl A white woman
heart image Benesa Baby Girl Sign Girl SHe who is blessed
heart image Cenda Baby Girl Sign Girl A compassionate, fragile and natural individual
heart image Darin Baby Girl Sign Girl God's gift
heart image Darina Baby Girl Sign Girl Wonderful gift from God
heart image Darja Baby Girl Sign Girl One who has God
heart image Fiala Baby Girl Sign Girl A violet woman
heart image Frantiska Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is free
heart image Jenka Baby Girl Sign Girl Form of Jane; Yahweh is merciful
heart image Jitka Baby Girl Sign Girl He will be praised; Czech variation of the old Hebrew name Yeudith
heart image Kafka Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Jackdaw; A small, crow-like bird
heart image Kataka Baby Girl Sign Girl Virginal woman
heart image Klaudie Baby Girl Sign Girl Lame; Crippled
heart image Krasomila Baby Girl Sign Girl Lover of beauty
heart image Kristyna Baby Girl Sign Girl Christian, follower of Christ
heart image Lida Baby Girl Sign Girl Loved by people; Grace
heart image Lidmila Baby Girl Sign Girl People who are gracious
heart image Lubomira Baby Girl Sign Girl She who loves peace and the world
heart image Margita Baby Girl Sign Girl A name for pearl
heart image Marha Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Cloud
heart image Marick Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Warlike
heart image Marike Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl with a restless heart
heart image Marketa Baby Girl Sign Girl Pearl
heart image Maxi Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is considered the greatest
heart image Milana Baby Girl Sign Girl Favor; Gracious
heart image Mirka Baby Girl Sign Girl Free from any kind of emotional disturbances
heart image Ognyana Baby Girl Sign Girl Fiery
heart image Pavlina Baby Girl Sign Girl Variation of name Paulina; a little one
heart image Pepa Unisex Baby Sign Unisex God will add; Increase
heart image Pistol Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A handheld device for shooting bullets, used for self-defense, hunting, or sport
heart image Praha Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Threshold; Doorstep
heart image Radka Baby Girl Sign Girl Happy; Peace; Great; Famous; A feminine equivalent of Radko
heart image Radomira Baby Girl Sign Girl Happy; Peace; Great; Famous
heart image Renata Baby Girl Sign Girl Born again; Rebirth
heart image Rusalka Baby Girl Sign Girl A wood's spite
heart image Triska Baby Girl Sign Girl A splinter or a silver jewel
heart image Wenzel Unisex Baby Sign Unisex ruler of the homeland or crown
heart image Ziska Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Free

Czech baby girl names are backed by a rich and dynamic history. They are phonetically pleasing and possess deep and profound meanings at the same time. Most of the names possess meanings that revolve around social, natural and religious spheres and aspects of the lives of the indigenous people. Some names are also associated with religious and divine aspects, as the majority of the Czech population are staunch followers of Christianity. So, check out this list of classic and contemporary Czech names and do not forget to save some for future reference.

Infographic: Classic Czech Baby Girl Names

The Czech Republic is a landlocked country located in Central Europe. Czech names usually revolve around social, natural, and religious themes. Have a glance at this informative infographic that will give you an idea of the world of Czech names, along with their meanings. You can gift your favorite name from the list to your dearest daughter.

charming czech names for your daughter (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the most common name in Czech?

There have been many common and popular names in Czech for girls. Jana (God's gift ), Lucie (light), Kateřina (pure), and Tereza (to harvest) were popular Czech girl names in the past decades. Recently, Eliška has become a highly popular and common girl name in the Czech Republic, wherein it means 'pledged to god.'

2. What are Czech names for endearment?

Czechs use different terms and names to express affection for their near ones and babies. Some commonly used names of endearment for girls include Kotě (kitten), Kočička (little female cat), Prdelka (little butt), and Pusinka (little kiss).

3. Which Czech names mean love?

Many Czech female names imply love. For example, Elska means loved, while Ludmila means 'loved by people.' Liběna and Libuse means love. Milada is a Slavik origin name that means love or gracious.

4. Which Czech names mean grace and flower?

Aneta, Anna, and Hana are some wonderful baby girl names that mean grace. Květa and Květoslava also mean blossom or flower and can be chosen for a girl.

5. Which Czech names mean warrior and lion?

The Czech name Bořivoj is of Slavic origin and signifies ‘warrior’ or ‘fighter.’ The name Lev has Slavik origins and translates to the lion. It is also as a surname, however, it is not so common.

6. What factors need to be considered by Czech parents when choosing a name for their baby girl?

Parents need to determine the name of their child via a declaration of consent within not more than one month of birth (1). They usually use a given name and family name while naming their child. Additional names can be chosen by themselves upon baptism. But most parents generally use one given name. Upon marriage, the bride adopts the bridegroom's last name.

7. What are some gender-neutral or unisex Czech baby names that can be used for girls?

The Czech Registry Act forbids giving male names or surnames to females or female names or surnames to males but does not restrict neutral names and surnames (1). The most popular neutral names are Saša, a pet form of Alexandr and Nikola, which means victory of people. Ada, Jarka, Jára, and Jindra are other unisex names that can be used for girls and transgenders (2).


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  2. A small guide to the register for TS parents.
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