1884 Baby Girl Names That Start With Letter K

Baby Girl Names Starts With K

When a child is born, several things are believed to shape her future, such as the time of birth, circumstances surrounding the birth, and the name. A name isn’t just an identity, but can reveal a lot about the bearer’s personality. Below MomJunction has thrown some light on the probable characteristics and personality traits of people whose names start with the letter K.

The letter K conveys originality, authority, energy, and excellent leadership qualities. These people are very affectionate towards their loved ones and aspire to do something meaningful in life. So the physical and spiritual energy your daughter gets from this letter can be used to help people around her.

This letter will also make your daughter capable of great achievements because K people are relentless when it comes to getting what they want out of life.

On the downside, girls with this initial do not use their energy and intelligence wisely and may grow nervous, anxious, and pessimistic. This can be reversed if you help your daughter channelize her energy in constructive things.

The other positive thing about this letter is that it has some of the unique baby names. So if you’re expecting a little princess, below is MomJunction's list of baby girl names, starting from simple and sweet Ka to exotic and uncommon Kyung-Hu.

KahkashanStars; Galaxy;Girl
KahlanKahlan name means Strong LeaderGirl
KahlelleKahlelle means A Friend in ArabicGirl
KahlenKahlen name means From John's FarmUnisex
KahliKahili menas Rainbow part, GingerUnisex
KahliaKahlia means Keeper of the KeysGirl
KahlikaThe name means RosebudGirl
KahlilaThe name means RejoicingGirl
KahliliaKahlilia name means Sincere FriendGirl
KahnayA spontaneous and dedicated beingGirl
KahokuKahoku means The StarUnisex
KaholoThe name means NimbleUnisex
KahoniKahoni means The KissUnisex
KahuHarrier hawk, or cloakGirl
KahuaKahua means Base, FondationUnisex
KahuiwiCloak particular to a certain tribe in New Zealand.Girl
KahunaThe name Kahuna means The Hidden SecretUnisex
KaiaKaia name means The SeaGirl
KaiahThe name Kaiah in Native American means Little but Wise and in Greek means PureGirl
KaialaKaiala name means Pure and TortureGirl
KaiannaKaianna means Victory of the PeopleGirl
KaidaKaida means Little DragonGirl
KaideeKaidee name means Pure, VirginGirl
KaidenceThe name means With Musical RhytmGirl
KaifiyaThe name means Esctatic, HappyGirl
KaihautuLeader, a man or woman with leadership qualitiesUnisex
KaiholoKaiholo means Moving Sea, Running CurrentUnisex
KaijaKaija name means Pure, UnsulliedGirl
KaikaraKaikara means Traditional Name of GodUnisex
KaikeyiKaikeyi name means Mother of Bharat in RamayanGirl
KaikoKaiko name means Sea With Strong CurrentUnisex
KailaHebrew - Crowned with laurel; Celtic - Descendant of CaollaidheGirl
KailanKailan means Keeper of Keys, PureGirl
KailaniKailani means Sea and SkyGirl
KailasaKailasa name means SIlver MountinGirl
Kail�The name means Hawaiian DeityUnisex
KaileaKailea name means in Hebrew Crowned with Laurel, in Celtic it means ChurchUnisex
KaileahKaileah name means Clear and BrightGirl
KaileeKailee means Keeper of the Keys, The Pure OneGirl
KaileenaThe name means Torture or PureGirl
KaileighThe meaning of the name is Dance, GatheringGirl
KaileyKailey means Each of the TwoGirl
KailiKaili is the name of Hawaiian Deity, also means Beautiful and Victorious in CheneseUnisex
KailieKaille means SlenderGirl
KailinThe name means Keeper of the KeysGirl
KaillaKailla means NarrowGirl
KailleThe name means WomanlyGirl
KaillieThe name means Church, MonastaryGirl

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