394 Baby Boy Names That Mean Gift

AbijahThe Lord is My Father; Gift of God, Hebrew - Yahweh is my fatherBoy
AbishaiOne who is desirous of a giftBoy
AengifuThe gift for the eyeBoy
AethelgifuA gift of the noble snakeBoy
AethelgythThe gift from the noble snakeBoy
AethelhunA gift from the noble snakeBoy
AhishKing of Serpants; Lord of Snake; Blessing; A gift bestowed by God;Boy
AifaSmart; Talented; Gift; Clever; Sharp; Shrewd;Boy
AlayGift, present, donation, bequest; happy-go-lucky personBoy
AllahbakhshGift of AllahBoy
AllahbukhshVariants of Allahbakhsh, Gift of AllahBoy
AllahdittaGod giftedBoy
AltairA flying eagle or a falcon gifted with solitary thoughtfulness and mysticityBoy
AlterOmen name meaning old, gifted with a responsible, self comprehending and mentally stimulating mind.Boy
AluerA cavalier gifted with love and lively optimism with great verbal skills and engaging in daring endeavorsBoy
AluguPeople with influential possessing leadership qualities often gifted with handsomeness and the one which dividesBoy
AlverdaA unique name gifted with compassion, resourcefulness, passion, eccentric and altruistic qualitiesUnisex
AmanahA gift who attracts trustworthiness and loyalty also who pays respect to AllahUnisex
AmileighThe Bringer of Hope and Smiles; God's GiftBoy
AmrullahA gift sent from heaven by God who praise himBoy
AmundA bridal gift.Boy
AnamBlessing; a favor or gift bestowed by GodBoy
AnnavaranWithout Fear; Godsent Gift; One of many names of Lord VishnuBoy
ApritOffering; Gift; ContributionBoy
AqeelA super gifted intelligent being who is wise and reasonableBoy
AqilA gifted intelligent being who is wise and reasonableBoy
AquilA gifted intelligent being who is wise and reasonableBoy
ArmaghanGift or a gift of GodBoy
ArtemioComplete and perfect; one who is a gift of ArtemisBoy
AtaArabic - Gift; Fante - One of Twins; Turkish - Ancestor, PredecessorBoy
AtaaArabic - Gift; Fante - One of Twins; Turkish - Ancestor, PredecessorBoy
AtaallahA Boy who is Allah's giftBoy
AtaalrahmanA Boy who is considered as the gift of the beneficientBoy
AtallahGift of AllahBoy
AtaullahGift of AllahBoy
AtaurrahmanA gift from AllahBoy
AtiyaArabic - GiftBoy
AttamGod's Gift;Boy
AusThey are giving natured people; gifted beingBoy
AvishaiOne who is the wonderful gift of GodBoy
AvishkaarInnovation; Invention; God's Gift; MiracleBoy
AvishkarInnovation; Invention; God's Gift; MiracleBoy
AwaisA gifted individualBoy
AyanArabic - Time, Era; Sanskrit - Halting, Name of Lord Ganesh; Urudu - God's Gift; Persian - InspirationBoy
AymaanOne who is a fearless gift of GodBoy
AyyanIt means a gift of god: TimeUnisex
BadariprasadGift of Badrinarayan;Boy
Badri prasadA gift given by Badri or Lord vishnuBoy
BahumanPrize; Gift; Reward; Accolade; EndowmentBoy
BakhshishDivine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; PresentBoy
BakshishDivine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; PresentBoy
BaksisDivine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; PresentBoy
BaksishDivine Blessing; Gift; Donation; To Tip; PresentBoy
BehdadExcellent Gift; Of Good BirthBoy
BerkahGod's giftBoy
BhabaniprasadBlessings of God; God's GiftBoy
Bhanuprasadgift of sunBoy
BodashkaGod's giftBoy
BogdanoffGift of God.Boy
BohdankoGod's giftBoy
BojidarVariant transcription of Bozhidar, meaning divine gift.Boy
BozhidarBulgarian form of Bozidar, meaning divine gift.Boy
BozidarA divine gift. It is a derivation of the Greek name "Theodore"Boy
BrasenThe gift of God; God's giftUnisex
CarudesnaHe was a beautiful gift to worldBoy
CedrickOne who gifts peopleBoy
ChandradattGift given by MoonBoy
ChiokeGift of GodBoy
ChiveshOne who is considered a God's Gift; Good GiftBoy
CirajusaOne who has been gifted with long lifeBoy
CsabaA gift sent fom heavenBoy
DakshehGift of God; Blessed from God; One who is blessed with great brillianceBoy
DarekA gifted rulerBoy
DarianGift sent from heaven on EarthBoy
DarkoPure gift from GodBoy
DarwynA gifted compannionBoy
DashaGift sent from GodBoy
DasyaThe one who serves; a gift of GodBoy
DattraGift of IndraBoy
DattravatThe one who is rich in gifts and presentsBoy
DavashishBlessing of God; Gift of God; God's Endowment; A present from GodBoy
DayshaunGod's gift for the normal peopleBoy
DebasisBlessings of God; Gift of God; God's Endowment; A present from GodBoy
DebasishBlessings of God; Gift of God; God's Endowment; A present from GodBoy
DebiprasadBlessings of God; Gift of God; God's Endowment; A present from GodBoy
DedrickA gifted and popular rulerBoy
DedrikOne who is a gifted and the most powerful rulerBoy
DeiOne who is a gift of GodBoy
DemetreFertility; gift from DemeterBoy
DerrickA gifted ruler. A person with capabilities of being a gifted ruler.Boy
DevabhagA Portion of the Gods; Gift of GodBoy
DevadattaGod Given; Gift of God; A present from God;Boy
DevajanmanGift of God; Born of the Gods; A present from God; Blessing of GodBoy
DevhishGift; Generosity; Charity; A present from GodBoy
DevjyotiGift of Godess; Present from the GodBoy
DevprasadOne who has the divine favour; God's Blessings; Gift of GodBoy
DharinGift, gift of LordBoy
DiaraA gift; they are quiet and a commanderUnisex
DidarOne who is gifted with the perfect vision or sightBoy
DidyuA priceless gift of GodBoy
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