Aquarius Compatibility In Love And Friendship With All Zodiac Signs

Aquarius, being a water sign, is considered modern, independent, and reformist. Read this post to know about Aquarius compatibility with other zodiac signs. This air sign likes to choose their path in life and has an emotional side that they hide from others. An Aquarian can be best compatible with fire signs such as Sagittarius and Aries, and normally start off all their relationships as friends first.

But what about other earth and water signs? Delve into the post to know the compatibility of Aquarius with other signs. But remember, even when the compatibility between signs is low, they can work out if their love for each other is intact.

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Aquarius Compatibility With All Zodiacs

If you are curious about Aquarius’s compatibility with other zodiacs, we bring you the horoscope details here.

1. Aquarius and Aries Compatibility

The curious mind of Aquarius can be the center of attraction for Aries, while the spirited and fearless personality of Aries can impress Aquarius. There can be many new excitements in the life of Aquarius-Aries couples, and the connection can be a unique pair.

Aries are entranced by Aquarius’ life approach, while Aquarius people adore Aries’ vitality and enthusiasm towards life. Aries encourages Aquarius to make their ideas come true, while Aquarius can teach Aries to stick to their goals.

The best part about the Aquarius compatibility with Aries is that they share a dynamic social life and indulge in new experiences. Aquarius and Aries do not take any relationship lightly. In such a situation, when they come into the relationship, they face the complexities and try to find solutions to make things work.

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2. Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility

If this fiery couple can coordinate their lives, they can find a good place to live. Despite the different situations, the flow of love and romance is equal in them too. It is important to use it properly as their relationship will flourish only when they use personal strength to fulfill the things required for it. In the beginning, they may be awkward. But they get better after a love affair. Falling in love with each other can be a difficult task for them. Once connected, things can get better.

Aquarius and Taurus are intellectual symbols that can help them have fun and calm conversations. This can help in building a better bond between them.

Aquarius and Taurus are ruled by Uranus and Venus, respectively. It makes Taurus more cooperative, realistic, and loyal. The right balance of loyalty and stability of Taurus, and attitude of Aquarius helps create a powerful foundation for their married life.

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3. Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility

The compatibility of Aquarius and Gemini appears stable and secure, and the intensity of their love could be strong. They are inclined to acquire knowledge, so there is a less open dispute between them. Their love affairs are quite natural. Though conflict between these elements cannot be denied, their feelings towards each other could make them start thinking new things again. Due to Uranus, Aquarius is practical, prudent, and a bit stable. On the other hand, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which makes communication comfortable for both.

Talking about their marriage, they can undoubtedly make a great couple. The communication between them will help in strengthening the relationship. Aquarius is a fixed sign and Gemini is a mutable sign. Because of this they have the attitude and ability to see things from a different point of view. Both partners base their high life values on sharing their thoughts. This strengthens the base of their married life.

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4. Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility

Aquarius and Cancer compatibility

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Even though they are different from each other, Aquarius and Cancer can reach the heights of love compatibility. A good friendship can happen between Aquarius and Cancer. Aquarius is intellectual and alert to tasks, and this may attract Cancer to them.

Both Aquarius and Cancer are sensitive in their traits and nature. So, these people are usually able to understand the other person’s mood and act accordingly.

Aquarius always likes to roam like a whirlwind and can be indifferent to a particular situation at times. On the contrary, Cancer can be a bit conservative, possessive, and demanding. The combination of Aquarius and Cancer can be like a great parent. Aquarius will be the progressive and calm parent, while Cancer will help in the emotional growth of children.

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5. Aquarius and Leo Compatibility

Aquarius and Leo, although opposites can have a good synergy with each other. Leo is quick in many ways and can get Aquarius out of trouble. Both are serious about their relationship. Both share personal goals. In this way, they solve many petty domestic disputes on their own. The association of a Leo is energizing for Aquarius and keeps them upbeat in any situation.

Both of them have the best understanding of each other. Aquarius can adapt to all kinds of relationships, and they mold themselves according to Leo. Aquarius is adept at making love, and Leo always responds the same way to their partner.

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An Aquarius and Leo pair is one of the most compatible pairs as they are a combination of fire and water. They balance each other perfectly.

6. Aquarius and Virgo Compatibility

Virgo and Aquarius compatibility

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Virgo and Aquarius can harmonize well with each other. Virgos are straightforward and have a practical approach to life. Aquarius, on the other hand, lives in a world of their imaginations. Virgo is hungry for love, and Aquarius is ready to rob them of perfection.

Sometimes, Aquarius people make impulsive and wrong decisions, and Virgo teaches them to be practical. They do not make time for the relationship immediately but in time will give themselves fully to the relationship.

The Lord of Virgo is Mercury, and the Lord of Aquarius is Uranus. Astrologically, both are friends of each other. Both are intellectual people and spend a good amount of time with each other in intellectual discussions.

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7. Aquarius and Libra Compatibility

The love compatibility between Aquarius and Libra can be good, as both are intelligent zodiac signs, and their thought processes are also quite progressive. Both play a vital role in the personality development of each other. Libra is a beauty lover and always admires the beauty of Aquarius. When two air signs meet, their life always flows beautifully.

Aquarius and Libra like to live life luxuriously. They always like to see the big picture. Both Aquarius and Libra work to satisfy each other emotionally and mentally, so there is always happiness and love for these soulmates.

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8. Aquarius and Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility

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Aquarius’ Lord is Uranus. Uranus is a planet of creativity. On the other hand, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, which makes it more mysterious and brave. Scorpio is considered the most intriguing and mysterious sign of the zodiac, but this nature makes Aquarius attracted to them. If both Scorpio and Aquarius want to strengthen their relationship, then the thread of trust has to be strengthened further.

The interaction between the two further fosters the relationship. One thing is for sure; their marriage will never be boring, outdated, or monotonous. They will both want to start over again when things get boring. Aquarius will have to avoid being too expressive, while Scorpio will have to come out of being himself.

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9. Aquarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

Both Aquarius and Sagittarius together form a strong bond of friendship and attachment. Astrology considers both as playful lovers who share a common sense of fun. However, misunderstandings and imbalances in their love relationship can cause serious damage.

Aquarius’ love for diversity can make Sagittarius feel a little insecure. Aquarius and Sagittarius people can talk to each other, and this gives the relationship a chance to grow. While Sagittarius feels the pull of Aquarius’ charm and intelligence, Aquarius is attracted to Sagittarius’s distinctive personality and confidence. When it comes to the relationship of Aquarius and Sagittarius, their relationship is extremely powerful and magnetic once formed.

In married life, Aquarians and Sagittarians start with a positive mindset, with love and respect for each other. Sagittarius acts as a muse for Aquarius’ life. They both guide each other in married life. When love starts growing between the two, they create a separate world for themselves.

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protip_icon Trivia
Walt Disney and his wife, Lillian Disney, are the perfect example of an Aquarius-Sagittarius pairing. Walt met Lillian when he was looking for an artist. Soon, they started going out and eventually got married in 1925.

10. Aquarius and Capricorn Compatibility

Capricorn and Aquarius compatibility

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With a charming personality, the Aquarian manages to work their magic on Capricorn. While Aquarius’ unpredictable and carefree attitude can be disturbing to Capricorn, Aquarius can feel suffocated by Capricorn’s thoroughness and positional tendencies. However, they can be a stable and happy couple if they both put in the effort on their part.

Love matters of Aquarius and Capricorn will move slowly, and both will like to give more time to each other. Capricorn provides stability to the wandering mind of Aquarius. On the other hand, Aquarius simplifies Capricorn’s stubborn nature and inspires them to think in a new way. When Aquarius and Capricorn work together, they have a great opportunity to turn ideas into products.

The marital compatibility between Aquarius and Capricorn flourishes slowly. Their relationship takes a few dives in the beginning but their pairing does not break with time. Aquarius likes to spend money, while Capricorn believes in saving. The money management of Aquarius is extremely useful for both of them in matrimonial relationships with Capricorn.

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11. Aquarius and Aquarius Relationship

The union of two Aquarius can be pleasant and exciting. Spending time with them is like having your shadow with you. They will both be similar in their nature, conduct, and thoughts.

Aquarius and Aquarius like the same intelligence and adventure. They get easily influenced by each other and this helps in moving the association in the right direction. Both understand the importance of relationships and also give enough time for the relationship to flourish. Aquarius people gradually unlock themselves with time.

Aquarius natives may take some time to adjust to their marital relations. Marriage is a big deal for the Aquarius couple, and they take all their time and don’t rush things to make it a success. The faith they share could play a positive role in their married life. They quietly understand each other’s feelings without the use of words.

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12. Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility

In the astrological circle of the zodiac, both the signs are neighbors. It benefits them in many areas of their life. They can be allies to each other in many respects. Let’s see the love compatibility between the two.

When in a relationship, a special bond is seen between the two. They stay around each other. Aquarius is imaginative and creative, while Pisces is spontaneous, simple, and a rare creature.

Aquarius sometimes talks about distressing things, and Pisces is less inclined to have a blunt partner. In the matter of parenting, Pisces makes better parents than Aquarius. Pisces will always want Aquarius to be responsible like them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Aquarius fall in love easily?

Aquarians are creative, distinctive, and slightly eccentric. They need to connect with an individual at an intellectual level to get interested. Usually, they get attracted to people who have progressive ideas like them. However, they like to have a partner who can be their best friend. Perhaps, that’s why they take time to find a suitable partner for themselves.

2. Why is Aquarius so hard to date?

Aquarius is friendly and accommodating. However, at times, they can be extremely temperamental and uncompromising. They can expect people to follow only their ideals and may behave highly decisively. In such instances, understanding an Aquarius and dating them can get hard even for someone who knows them well.

3. Who is Aquarius’s enemy?

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are considered the most likely zodiac signs that might have conflicts with Aquarius. Generally, Taurus and Aquarius don’t gel well as they see things from their perspectives. On the other hand, Aquarius usually doesn’t get along with Virgo as the latter tends to keep tabs on people. Capricorn’s urge to control and dominate is the prominent reason that they and Aquarius struggle to survive with each other.

Aquarians love to spend their alone time and do not prefer anyone invading their personal space. But once they open up to people and let them in, they are known to be quite charming and attractive. An Aquarian believes in perfectionism for their partner and likes to share their artistic and intellectual sides. They proceed toward marriage with logical and intellectual thinking and are not ready to rush into anything. Therefore, if you are interested in anyone who is an Aquarian, you need to understand their attributes and give time for the relationship to develop.

Infographic: Relationship Compatibility Of Aquarius With Fire And Earth Signs

If you are an Aquarian, you might be interested in knowing your romantic prospects with the other signs. Explore the infographic below to learn about the relationship compatibility of the water sign Aquarius with the fire and earth signs. However, please note that each individual is unique despite belonging to a specific zodiac sign.

how compatible is aquarius with fire and earth signs (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Key Pointers

  • Aquarians are self-reliant, assertive, analytical, and humanitarian.
  • Their relationship with Aries relies on trust and eternal affection, whereas with Taurus, it’s about deep understanding.
  • They share a strong emotional and mental bond with air signs such as Libra and Gemini.

Discover the 5 zodiac signs that are soulmates of Aquarius! Find out which signs are most compatible with Aquarius and why.

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