149 Icelandic Baby Names With Meanings


Icelandic baby names mirror the country's rich historical and cultural heritage. Iceland is very strict about baby-naming laws. Parents have to meet certain rules of gender, grammar, and meaning to save the child from embarrassment in the future. Also, the name should contain letters that occur in the Icelandic alphabet. A list of 1853 approved names for girls and 1712 approved for boys is also available. So parents have to select names from the list or seek permission from the special committee if their chosen name is not on the list. The authorities will see if the name is compatible with the Icelandic tradition. The Icelandic Naming Committee, also referred to as the Personal Names Committee in English, is responsible for overseeing an official roster of accepted Icelandic given names. This committee plays a pivotal role in regulating the incorporation of new given names into the Icelandic cultural landscape (1). According to the regulations, an individual can possess a maximum of three personal names followed by a family name. Traditionally, Icelandic names are rooted in Norse mythology. However, many Icelandic names also draw inspiration from Old Norse words and prominent historical figures. Due to the country's conversion to Christianity in the early Middle Ages, Christianity also influences Icelandic names. Hence, many Icelandic names are inspired by saints, biblical names, and Christian virtues and concepts. Even the surnames in Iceland follow an interesting tradition. The surnames are not family names but are patronymic or matronymic. The father's first name becomes the child's last name, along with the suffix -son (for boys) or -dottir (for girls). The law also allows using the parent's name as the last name. If the Icelandic naming system intrigues you and you want to explore Icelandic names, explore the following list. It has several Icelandic names and their meaning to assist you in finding a perfect name for your baby girl or boy.

heart image Adalbjorg Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble protection
heart image Adalheidis Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble kind; Of the noble sort
heart image Adalstienn Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble stone
heart image Adalward Baby Boy Sign Boy The noble guardian
heart image Alexander Baby Boy Sign Boy Defender of mankind
heart image Alfdis Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess; Divine woman
heart image Andrea Baby Girl Sign Girl Defender of mankind
heart image Armann Baby Boy Sign Boy Messenger
heart image Arna Baby Girl Sign Girl Eagle; Power
heart image Arnar Baby Boy Sign Boy Warrior; Soldier.
heart image Arnleif Baby Girl Sign Girl The eagle inheritor
heart image Aron Baby Boy Sign Boy Teaching; Singing
heart image Arthea Baby Girl Sign Girl A variant of Artice; Lofty hill; Follower of Thor
heart image Artice Baby Girl Sign Girl Of lofty hill; The follower of Thor
heart image Artina Baby Girl Sign Girl A variant of Artice; Lofty hill; Follower of Thor
heart image Asdis Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess
heart image Asgerd Baby Girl Sign Girl God's fence
heart image Atli Baby Boy Sign Boy Little father
heart image Audbjorg Baby Girl Sign Girl A combination of luck and one who saves
heart image Bardi Baby Boy Sign Boy One who has a beard
heart image Berrant Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is like a strong bear
heart image Birgir Baby Boy Sign Boy Mountain
heart image Birkir Baby Boy Sign Boy Birch tree
heart image Birna Baby Girl Sign Girl Bear
heart image Birta Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright; vibrant
heart image Birtingr Baby Boy Sign Boy A smart, capable and illustrious man
heart image Bjarki Baby Boy Sign Boy A small bear
heart image Bjartur Baby Boy Sign Boy Bright
heart image Boga Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is good with a bow
heart image Brandr Baby Boy Sign Boy Sword
heart image Breki Baby Boy Sign Boy Breaker
heart image Brynhildur Baby Girl Sign Girl Armored warrior woman
heart image Brynjar Baby Boy Sign Boy Armor; Warrior
heart image Dagbjart Baby Boy Sign Boy Daylight; Bright day
heart image Dagbjartur Baby Boy Sign Boy Daylight; Bright day
heart image Dagur Baby Boy Sign Boy Day
heart image Dis Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful woman
heart image Dogg Baby Girl Sign Girl The Icelandic word for dew
heart image Drifa Baby Girl Sign Girl The Icelandic word for snow
heart image Dyri Baby Boy Sign Boy Deer in the Icelandic language
heart image Egill Baby Boy Sign Boy Terror; One who terrorizes others
heart image Eirikur Baby Boy Sign Boy A man of great strength
heart image Elisabet Baby Girl Sign Girl Devoted to God; My God is an oath
heart image Elvar Baby Boy Sign Boy Elf warrior
heart image Embla Baby Girl Sign Girl First woman on Earth
heart image Emilia Baby Girl Sign Girl Rival; To emulate; Excel
heart image Emma Baby Girl Sign Girl Whole; Universal
heart image Erikur Baby Boy Sign Boy Peaceful ruler; A form of Eric
heart image Eva Baby Girl Sign Girl Life; The living one
heart image Eydis Baby Girl Sign Girl A Goddess of good fortune
heart image Eysteinn Baby Boy Sign Boy The stone island
heart image Eyvindur Baby Boy Sign Boy Lucky warrior
heart image Faida Baby Girl Sign Girl Folded wings
heart image Falda Baby Girl Sign Girl With folded wings
heart image Fannar Baby Boy Sign Boy Snow; Warrior; Army
heart image Finnur Baby Boy Sign Boy One from Finland
heart image Fjola Baby Girl Sign Girl Violet flower
heart image Fridgeir Baby Boy Sign Boy Peace spear
heart image Fridmar Baby Boy Sign Boy Brilliant or shining peace
heart image Fridr Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is beautiful
heart image Fridrik Baby Girl Sign Girl One who governs peacefully
heart image Fridrika Baby Girl Sign Girl Peaceful ruler
heart image Frigg Baby Girl Sign Girl One who belongs to Iceland
heart image Gamli Baby Boy Sign Boy Old; Something old
heart image Gegn Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who is against or versus
heart image Geir Baby Boy Sign Boy Pointed weapon used in the battle field
heart image Gellir Baby Boy Sign Boy Sword
heart image Gerdur Baby Girl Sign Girl Protection; A protective woman
heart image Gestur Baby Boy Sign Boy Sword
heart image Greipr Baby Boy Sign Boy A man of great strength
heart image Groa Baby Girl Sign Girl To grow
heart image Grou Baby Girl Sign Girl To grow; A variant of Groa
heart image Gudlaug Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is a good wife
heart image Hafoca Baby Boy Sign Boy Havoc
heart image Hallbjorn Baby Boy Sign Boy Rock; Hair
heart image Halldora Baby Girl Sign Girl Thunder; Thunder goddess
heart image Haraldur Baby Boy Sign Boy Leader of an army
heart image Harpa Baby Girl Sign Girl Icelandic word for harp
heart image Haukr Baby Boy Sign Boy Hawk
heart image Hekla Baby Girl Sign Girl Cloak
heart image Helgi Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is blessed
heart image Hinrik Baby Boy Sign Boy Estate ruler
heart image Hjortur Baby Boy Sign Boy Deer
heart image Hodd Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman whose hair is beautiful
heart image Holti Baby Boy Sign Boy He who comes from the small forest
heart image Hrafn Baby Boy Sign Boy Raven
heart image Hrafnhildur Baby Girl Sign Girl Raven or battle
heart image Hrafntinna Baby Girl Sign Girl Raven or flint
heart image Hrefna Baby Girl Sign Girl Raven
heart image Hreinn Baby Boy Sign Boy A reindeer
heart image Huld Baby Girl Sign Girl Secret
heart image Idunn Baby Girl Sign Girl To renew nature or active in love
heart image Isabella Baby Girl Sign Girl God is my oath
heart image Jokull Baby Boy Sign Boy Joyful; Jolly one; Who seeks happiness; Pleasure
heart image Jon Baby Boy Sign Boy God is gracious
heart image Kalfr Baby Boy Sign Boy Young cow in Icelandic
heart image Kari Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Black-haired one; Free woman; Strong; Tremendous
heart image Katla Baby Girl Sign Girl Cauldron; Helmet
heart image Kleppr Baby Boy Sign Boy A large stone
heart image Kolbrun Baby Girl Sign Girl Coal or eyebrow
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Exploring the realm of Icelandic baby names is an enthralling voyage that unveils the intricate fabric of a nation's culture. These names, resonating with history, nature, and mythology, encapsulate and celebrate Iceland's essence. From enduring classics that echo the past to innovative choices that embrace modernity, these names reflect a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. So pick a meaningful name from the above list and give your child a beautiful gift that will keep them connected to Iceland's beauty and heritage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the meaning of the name Ásta?

The name is a diminutive of Ástríðr and means love and beloved God, formed by a combination of Norse elements.

2. What are some popular Icelandic baby names based on Norse mythology?

Atli, from the old Norse term Attila, is a version of the name in the Völsunga saga for the fictional or Norse mythological character of King Atilla the Hun (2). Bragi, meaning first, foremost, or poetry, is another example of a name from Norse mythology. Bragi is believed to be the God of poetry. Furthermore, the name Eir meaning mercy, also comes from mythological relevance, where she is revered as the Goddess of healing and medicine (3).

3. What are some Icelandic baby names that are inspired by nature?

Some Icelandic baby names inspired by nature are Fjall, meaning ‘from the rough hill,’ Vatn, meaning ‘water,’ and Eldur, meaning ‘fire.’ These names reflect the beauty and natural elements of Iceland’s landscape.

4. What are some Icelandic baby names that have a meaning related to strength or courage?

Names such as Nanna, meaning daring or brave; Eirikur and Greipr, denoting a man of great strength; and Gunnar, meaning a brave warrior encompass the essence of courage and strength.

5. How have Icelandic baby names evolved over time?

The evolution in Icelandic baby names may be seen in the changes in their naming system and rules. Now, first names can be chosen without restrictions based on gender. Also, individuals who are officially recognized as non-binary can use the suffix -bur (“child of”) instead of -son or -dóttir in their names.


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