643 Irish Baby Boy Names With Meanings


If you are looking for a baby name with a sense of strength, a touch of history, and enchantment, Irish boy names might be just what you're looking for. Consider it as choosing a name that is more of an intriguing story for your child to proudly carry throughout their life. Irish names come with a sprinkle of magic, like the fairy tales you might have heard. They're like a connection to a land known for its green beauty and charming myths, including leprechauns and fairies, amongst other mythological creatures. Irish names have a mix of traditional vibes and a modern twist. Some of these names have been around for ages, while others have taken a new shape to fit the evolving choices. One interesting aspect is that you can either spell them in the old Irish way or a more familiar English way. They typically have an English-Westen naming system and often have a first, middle, and family name, reflecting a strong sense of family connection. In Ireland, people can have both an Irish as well as an English name (1). Irish names aren't just for Ireland. They have been adopted in other places like Scotland and predominantly English-speaking countries. Furthermore, what's fascinating is that Irish names are more than mere syllables and words. They're like a doorway into the past. They connect you to the people who lived in Ireland way back and even those in other parts of Europe like Scotland and Wales. So, if you're looking for a name that encompasses more than its literal meanings but narrates a story and an adventure and carries a piece of heritage, Irish boy names might be the answer. So, go ahead and explore the magic of Ireland through their diverse and unique names listed below and give your child a bit of that Irish luck.

heart image Adam Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of the Earth
heart image Conor Baby Boy Sign Boy Dog; Wolf
heart image Daniel Baby Boy Sign Boy God is my judge
heart image Harry Baby Boy Sign Boy Ruler of the household
heart image Jack Baby Boy Sign Boy God is gracious
heart image James Baby Boy Sign Boy Supplanter
heart image Luke Baby Boy Sign Boy Bringer of light
heart image Michael Baby Boy Sign Boy Who is like God
heart image Noah Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Rest
heart image Sean Baby Boy Sign Boy God's grace; Gift from God; Yahweh is gracious
heart image Aaden Baby Boy Sign Boy Fire and flame; Warmth of the home
heart image Achill Baby Boy Sign Boy An uncertain person
heart image Adeen Baby Boy Sign Boy Little fire shining brightly
heart image Aed Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A fire; Flame; Burning fire
heart image Aedbald Baby Boy Sign Boy A bold or brave fire; A friendly fire
heart image Aeddi Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is made of fire; Fire powers
heart image Aedh Unisex Baby Sign Unisex From the Scottish word Aodh; Fire
heart image Aeker Baby Boy Sign Boy Meadow of oak trees; Division of land; A variant of Ackerley
heart image Aengus Baby Boy Sign Boy One choice; A variant of the name Angus
heart image Affleck Baby Boy Sign Boy A field of stone; A habitational name to someone who belongs to the field of stone
heart image Agwisance Baby Boy Sign Boy A name of Irish origins that lost its meaning over the time
heart image Ahearn Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord of the horses
heart image Aibhne Baby Boy Sign Boy Interchanged; Tansmitted; Imparted
heart image Aidan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Little fire
heart image Aiden Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Little fire
heart image Aidenn Baby Boy Sign Boy A variant of Aidan, little fire
heart image Ailbhe Baby Boy Sign Boy Bright
heart image Ailise Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble
heart image Ailmer Baby Boy Sign Boy Famous
heart image Alaois Baby Boy Sign Boy Famous in war; One who enjoys perks of life
heart image Allen Baby Boy Sign Boy Handsome; Harmony; Little rock
heart image Alphonsus Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble and ready
heart image Aodh Baby Boy Sign Boy Fire; Brightness; Splendour
heart image Aonghus Baby Boy Sign Boy One Choice; A variant of name is Angus
heart image Art Baby Boy Sign Boy Strong man; Bear
heart image Augustine Baby Boy Sign Boy To increase; Venerable; Great
heart image Awnan Baby Boy Sign Boy A little Adam; fun loving person
heart image Banagher Baby Boy Sign Boy Pointed Hill
heart image Bannon Unisex Baby Sign Unisex White
heart image Banny Baby Boy Sign Boy Petite and good-looking
heart image Barry Baby Boy Sign Boy Fair-headed; Spear; Sharp
heart image Bary Baby Boy Sign Boy Fair headed; Spear; Mound; Dune; Brave
heart image Baudkin Baby Boy Sign Boy Tribes of Galway
heart image Baylor Baby Boy Sign Boy Goods deliverer; Bailiff
heart image Berihert Baby Boy Sign Boy He who comes from the south; The son of the south
heart image Bolan Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is a little poet
heart image Bourke Baby Boy Sign Boy Fortified hill; Fortified settlement
heart image Bourn Baby Boy Sign Boy A small river
heart image Bourne Baby Boy Sign Boy A small seasonal river
heart image Boyden Baby Boy Sign Boy messenger
heart image Bracken Baby Boy Sign Boy Descendant of Breacán
heart image Braddon Baby Boy Sign Boy Broad hillside; Practical nature
heart image Bradford Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who hails from a broad ford
heart image Bradfurd Baby Boy Sign Boy Alternate spelling for "Bradford"; From the broad ford
heart image Bradi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Used as a surname; Descendants of the family Bradach use this name
heart image Bradie Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Proud; Spirited
heart image Bradig Baby Boy Sign Boy Person from a broad valley; Used as a surname
heart image Bradon Baby Boy Sign Boy From a broad grassland; Hailing from a broad meadow
heart image Brady Baby Boy Sign Boy Spirited
heart image Braedan Baby Boy Sign Boy A hillside that is broad and spacious
heart image Braeden Baby Boy Sign Boy Broad hill
heart image Braedon Baby Boy Sign Boy Broad; Spacious; Wide; Large and big
heart image Brandon Baby Boy Sign Boy Prince; Chieftain; Gorse hill
heart image Brangian Baby Boy Sign Boy Refers to a tiny gobble
heart image Brannon Baby Boy Sign Boy Bird resembling a crow
heart image Brayden Baby Boy Sign Boy Broad valley; Wise; Brave
heart image Braydon Baby Boy Sign Boy A wide hillside
heart image Breck Baby Boy Sign Boy Person having a spotted skin or a freckled skin
heart image Breckan Baby Boy Sign Boy Spotty face
heart image Brecken Baby Boy Sign Boy Freckled; Speckled
heart image Breckin Baby Boy Sign Boy Freckled face; Spotted face
heart image Breen Baby Boy Sign Boy Upset or saddened
heart image Brendan Baby Boy Sign Boy Fiery hill; Prince; King
heart image Brendann Baby Boy Sign Boy Prince of the kingdom
heart image Brendin Baby Boy Sign Boy Prince
heart image Brendon Baby Boy Sign Boy The king's heir; Prince
heart image Brendyn Baby Boy Sign Boy Prince of a kingdom
heart image Brenn Baby Boy Sign Boy Prince; Kingdom successor
heart image Brennan Baby Boy Sign Boy Rain; Moisture; Drop
heart image Breslin Baby Boy Sign Boy Surname
heart image Brexton Baby Boy Sign Boy Freckle-faced boy
heart image Breyson Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of a powerful woman
heart image Briac Baby Boy Sign Boy One with force and strength
heart image Brian Baby Boy Sign Boy High; Noble; Hill
heart image Brien Baby Boy Sign Boy A high noble man
heart image Brinsley Baby Boy Sign Boy A high man from the field
heart image Brion Baby Boy Sign Boy A brave man of many virtues
heart image Brisan Baby Boy Sign Boy Man of valor and strength
heart image Brison Baby Boy Sign Boy A person of valor and bravery
heart image Broderic Baby Boy Sign Boy A brotherly person
heart image Broderik Baby Boy Sign Boy A brother
heart image Brodrik Baby Boy Sign Boy A brotherly one
heart image Brogan Baby Boy Sign Boy Little shoe; Son of Brogan
heart image Brone Baby Boy Sign Boy A person full of sorrow
heart image Bronich Baby Boy Sign Boy A sorrow man
heart image Bruis Baby Boy Sign Boy One who lives in a mansion
heart image Brumant Baby Boy Sign Boy An Irish Boy name with lost meaning
heart image Bry Baby Boy Sign Boy A man of great strength and power
heart image Bryan Baby Boy Sign Boy Strong; Virtuous; Noble
heart image Bryant Baby Boy Sign Boy He who ascends to heights
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Irish baby names connect us to Ireland's lush landscapes, Scotland's misty hills, and more. When you pick an Irish boy name for your baby, you're not just making a choice but giving them a piece of the past, a hint of legendary tales, and a taste of Ireland's unique charm. So, as you think about what name to choose, remember that each Irish name holds the spirit of a people who hold their traditions in high esteem while also embracing change.

Infographic: Enchanting Irish Names For Baby Boys

From valiant warriors to divine blessings, Irish boy names hold deep meanings rooted in the rich culture of Ireland. Each name carries a special trait that reflects Irish culture. In our infographic, you'll find carefully chosen names with deep significance. Choose a name that truly connects with you and your values. Dive into the infographic and gift your child a name full of history and meaning.

magical irish baby boy names (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Irish boy's names mean gift from God?

The Irish variant of John, Sean, translates to a gift from God or God is gracious. Other less common Irish names such as Ted, Ivan, and Mait also signify a similar meaning that implies the gift of God, among other things.

2. Which Irish boy names mean king and prince?

Several common and unique Irish names imply a king or a stately figure. Bréanainn, the classic variation of Brendan, means king and prince, Ruairi means a red-haired king and the short name Rian means little king.

3. Which Irish baby boy names are easy to pronounce for non-Irish speakers?

There are many Irish boy names that non-Irish speakers may find easier to pronounce as they consist of fewer syllables and simple spelling. These include Aidan, meaning little fire; Shay, meaning fine or learned; Conor, meaning lover of hounds; and Flynn implying blood red.

4. Which Irish boy names mean handsome?

Cullen is a popular Irish boy name that means good-looking and is also a surname. Another name Kevin, deriving from Caoimhín, also implies handsome.

5. Which modern Irish baby boy names are gaining popularity?

As of 2021, According to the Central Statistics Office, Jack has been the most popular name for boys in Ireland since 2007. James and Conor come after Jack, and all three hold a position among the top five names (2).

6. Which Irish baby boy names are inspired by Irish mythology?

Finn, which means fair, was another name for Fionn mac Cumhaill, a hero in Irish mythology with a magic thumb that gave him wisdom. Conall is another Irish name and means strong wolf. Conall Cernach is revered as a hero of the Ulaid, the Gaelic over-kingdom in the Ulster Cycle (medieval Irish heroic legends) of Irish mythology.


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