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Anglo-Saxons were originally a Germanic tribe from the Danish peninsula. When the Romans left Britain, the Germanics invaded it in 400 AD. In the Anglo-Saxon period, the personal name was made of two elements and linked in some way or the other with the parents’ names. For instance, if the parents were named Aldred and Edith, they might name their daughter Aaldith. Hence, these dithematic names did not really have any meaning. Also, bynames, not surnames were used for identification purposes.

While there weren’t any surnames or family names, the aristocratic people were identified by names taken from famous forbearers like Besingas, Athelings, Baducings, Gumeningas, along with the final element –ing, which means ‘people of’. The Anglo-Saxons also believed that a name contained a person’s spirit and by using the name for a newborn child, the spirit could drain from him.

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DurwinA good and dear friendBoy
DurwynOne who is the friend of a DeerBoy
DykeDike or ditchBoy
EadbehrtEad means 'Blessed' and behrt means 'Bright'Boy
EadbertName of a KingBoy
EadberthIt means a blessed person.Unisex
EadburgEad means 'Fortune' and burg means 'Fortress'.Girl
EadburgaEad means 'Wealth' and burg means 'Protection'.Girl
EadgifuThey are a rich gift to mankindGirl
EadgythWife of a wise counsellorGirl
EadgythaWise wife of a counsellorGirl
EadhelmA friendly and social person.Boy
EadhildMaid of a rich battleGirl
EadlynA healthy and wealthy friendGirl
EadmaerThe one who comes from riches and greatnessBoy
EadredA rich, happy and eager personBoy
EadwacerHeaven-watcher; A person who is of expressive nature.Boy
EadwigIt means a rich or prosperous person.Boy
EaldgythAn old battle maid; the noble oneBoy
EalhredA hall or a big placeBoy
EalhstanThey are stone hard and temple pureBoy
EalhswithOne who is lucky and fertileGirl
EarconbertOne who has many qualities and personal insightBoy
EarcongotaOne with broad visions and ideasGirl
EarleIt means chief or nobleman.Boy
EcgbertA sharp edge of a swordBoy
EcgfrithA born leader; name of a kingBoy
EdburgaThe great, guardian protectorBoy
EddisonA succesor of wealth; Ed's sonBoy
EdgardA brave and strong spearmanBoy
EdgertWho has sharpness of a blade; borderBoy
EdhidaOne who is joyful and happyGirl
EdhitaA happy natured person who is in loveGirl
EdhithaThe one who is prosperous and lovelyGirl
EditJoyous; wealthy gift from a rulerBoy
EdithaBlessed to be successful person or individualGirl
EdlaA born Princess; they are efficient and joyousGirl
EdlinA rich friend; popular and friendlyBoy
EdmundusFortune loving person; one who has a heart of goldBoy
EdouardA happy rich protectorBoy
EdrisWealthy ruler; full of energyBoy
EdsonSon of a fortuante warriorBoy
EduinRich friendBoy
EduuinBlessed friend; a prosperous personBoy
EduuineFortunate friend; they are a guardianBoy
EduwigesFighting woman; one who is a good speakerGirl
EdwenRich in friendship; a blessed friendBoy
EdwinRich friend; one who is blessed with richness and is wineBoy
EdwinaA successful friend; a rich and wealthy friendGirl
EdwincWarrior; one who has varied experiencesGirl
EdwyName of a king; one who is brave heartedBoy
EdwynValued friend; one who is happy and wealthyBoy
EdynaOne who came from edinburghGirl
EgberkBright swordBoy
EgbertSharp edge of swordBoy
EgbertheA brilliant sword which is uniqueGirl
EgbertinaA shinning sword which can killGirl
EgbertineA pointed edge of sword; very sharpGirl
EgfridHappy and mature individualBoy
EgricOne who is eternal and self lovingBoy
EidythJoyous and loving personGirl
EidythaJoyous and lovely personGirl
EkbertOne who has a bright edgeBoy
ElditA wealthy and sweet natured personGirl
EldredThey are very wise advisorsBoy
EldridaA brilliant wise advisorBoy
EldridgeA sage like faithful and wise advisorGirl
EldwinOne who is a wise ruler and advisorBoy
EldwynOne who is a born wise advisorBoy
ElfgifuA gift from the ElvesGirl
ElfinOne who is the ruler of the ElvesGirl
ElivinaA beautiful friend of the ElvesGirl
EllanBright and shining light of magicGirl
ElletteA little, magical ElfGirl
Elswyththis means elf from the willow trees.Girl
Elwinethis name means a friend of the elves.Girl
Engelietha battle.Girl
Eoforhearda firm wild boar.Boy
Eoforhilda battle of boars.Girl
Eoforichduring the Norman conquests a battle concerning boars.Boy
Eoforwealda brave leader.Boy
Eohherean ancient name meaning someone from the ancient lake country.Boy
Eohrica very powerful ruler.Boy
Eomerfamous war horse.Boy
Eoppaa royal prince.Boy
Eorconwealdan Anglo-Saxon word for a mounted stallion.Boy
Eormengildit means public pledge.Boy
Eormengythsomebody who takes a public oath.Girl
Eormenhilda feminized word meaning someone who has taken a public oath.Girl
Eorpwalda king of East Anglia.Boy
Eosterwinean ancient Christianity father in Anglo-Saxon culture.Boy
Eostregoddess of the dawn.Girl
Eowynshe was a shieldmaiden and relative of King Theoden.Girl
Eralsomebody of nobility.Boy
Eslait is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning truth.Girl
Esnein Anglo-Saxon culture a labourer or a small class person.Boy
Ethelbertname of a king meaning noble and bright.Boy
Ethelindan Anglo-Saxon name meaning noble snake.Boy
EthelindaNoble serpentGirl
Ethelmarnoble greatness.Boy
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