1100 Italian Baby Names With Meanings

Venice, Tuscany, Rome, Milan – Italy isn’t just about great places. It also boasts of some absolutely gorgeous, lilting, and rhythmic baby names. After all, who can resist the beautiful sounding Carmela or Allesandro?

Italian names either have Latin origin or are Italian versions of names originating in other countries. The names that just roll off the tongue like a melody, and if you pick one for your baby, you can be sure that he/she will stand out in a crowd of Sophias and Michaels.

Italians have a firm set of rules when it comes to naming. The first son is named after the paternal grandfather; the second son is named after the maternal grandfather. As for the females, the first daughter is named after the paternal grandmother and the second daughter is named after the maternal grandmother. The subsequent kids can be named after parents, aunts, uncles, deceased relatives, or saints. This all pervasive convention has led to many Italian families with children of similar ages having the same names. In some traditional Italian families, it’s mandatory to give children a name that’s connected to a patron saint.

From traditional Evelina to modern Amalia, MomJunction has compiled a list of beautiful italian girl names & italian boy names with meanings for your reference.

AlessandroOld Greek - Defender of Men; A variant of name AlexanderBoy
AlonzoAn inspirational dashing noble with sophisticated charmBoy
AmaraImmortal Being; one who is blessed without end or death; blessed with eternal life; Grace or BitterBoy
AndreaFeminine of Andrew; a defender of mankind who is manly and strongGirl
AngelaAn angel sent from heaven to spread peace and loveGirl
AngelinaThe holy angels of God sent from heavenGirl
AngeloThey are the messengers as well as the angels of GodBoy
AntonioSaint Anthony; worthy of praiseBoy
AriaThe one who is Lion of the Lords; Air, Song or MelodyGirl
ArianaThe pure and holy oneGirl
AriannaLatin - Women from Hadria; Dark One; Old Greek - Very Holy Woman; A derivative of AdrianaGirl
ArmandoGreat warrior and a happy army manBoy
ArmaniFaith; Persian - Desire; A variant form of name ArmanGirl
BellaBeautiful, handsome, attractiveGirl
BiancaLight; White; Shining; A Shakespearean baby name meaning Tragedy of Othello' Mistress of CassioGirl
DanteDivine comedyBoy
ElenaGreek name Helen; bright oneGirl
Emiliathis name means to rival or emulate or excel.Girl
Emilianothis name means someone who is industrious and has the zeal to work hard.Boy
Emiliosomeone who tries to emulate or a rival.Boy
Enzoit means someone who rules a estate or a house.Boy
FrancescaDerived from Latin word 'Franciscus' it refers to a female belonging to FranceGirl
GabrielaGod is my strengthUnisex
GabriellaGod is my strengthUnisex
GemmaJewel; Precious Stone; GemGirl
GiannaGianna is an Italian female name. The meaning of the name is The Lord is Gracious.Girl
GianniGianni means God is Gracious, God is Merciful. It is an Italian male name of Hebrew origin.Boy
GiovanniGiovanni is an Italian name, means A Gift from GodBoy
IsabellaGod is perfection, or God is my oathGirl
IzabellaPledged to GodGirl
LeonardoBold LionBoy
LiaA weary mistress or rulerGirl
LilianaName of the flower lily, pure and innocent personGirl
LorenzoHe who lived in Italian city LaurentumBoy
LucaPlace name, a region in southern ItalyBoy
Luciawhite, bright lightGirl
LucianaLight, illuminationGirl
LucianoVariation of name Lucian, meaning light, enlightenedBoy
LunaMoon, one of the name of the Moon GoddesGirl
MarcoHe who is at warBoy
MarioA sad, bitter personBoy
MateoHe was the gift of GodBoy
MatteoHe who is a gift from the LordBoy
MiaThe person who is dearly to everyone.Girl
RobertoGermanic - Bright famous one; Famously Famous; A variant of RobertBoy
RoccoOne who restsBoy
RomeoA settler, a wayfarer to RomeBoy
SergioAn attendant, a servantUnisex
SiennaReddish brownUnisex
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