1104 Italian Baby Names With Meanings

Venice, Tuscany, Rome, Milan – Italy isn’t just about great places. It also boasts of some absolutely gorgeous, lilting, and rhythmic baby names. After all, who can resist the beautiful sounding Carmela or Allesandro?

Italian names either have Latin origin or are Italian versions of names originating in other countries. The names that just roll off the tongue like a melody, and if you pick one for your baby, you can be sure that he/she will stand out in a crowd of Sophias and Michaels.

Italians have a firm set of rules when it comes to naming. The first son is named after the paternal grandfather; the second son is named after the maternal grandfather. As for the females, the first daughter is named after the paternal grandmother and the second daughter is named after the maternal grandmother. The subsequent kids can be named after parents, aunts, uncles, deceased relatives, or saints. This all pervasive convention has led to many Italian families with children of similar ages having the same names. In some traditional Italian families, it’s mandatory to give children a name that’s connected to a patron saint.

From traditional Evelina to modern Amalia, MomJunction has compiled a list of beautiful Italian names with meanings for your reference.

AlessandroOld Greek - Defender of Men; A variant of name AlexanderBoy
AliceTruth, gracious, realityGirl
AndreaFeminine of Andrew; a defender of mankind who is manly and strongGirl
AuroraA Roman Goddess; wonderful dawn and breezyGirl
ChiaraAs clear as lightGirl
Emmathe meaning of this name is universal whole.Girl
FrancescoItalian version of the name 'Francis' it means a Frenchman or free manBoy
GabrieleGod has given me great power.Boy
GiorgiaThe meaning of Giorgia comes from Greek word and means The Farmer.Girl
GiuliaThe meaning of the name Giulia is YouthfulGirl
GretaThey are very stable,family loving and love to work together.Girl
IlinaMy God is YahwehGirl
LeonardoBold LionBoy
LorenzoHe who lived in Italian city LaurentumBoy
MartinaWarring, warlike womanGirl
MatteoHe who is a gift from the LordBoy
MattiaItalian name for a gift of LordBoy
RiccardoGermanic - Powerful ruler; Strong Ruler; Mighty RulerBoy
SofiaMeans wisdom in Greek. A wise womanGirl
TommasoAn apostle who doubted the resurrection of ChristBoy
WojciechHe who is happy in battleBoy
AbereshDerived from medieval form of Albanian in southern Italy communitiesGirl
Abramohigh father; father of a multitudeBoy
AbrianaFemale variant of Abraham that means father of multitudeGirl
AcciaiThe occupational name for one who hold axe or who work with axeBoy
AchilleOld Greek - Pain; Lipless; Variant of AchillesBoy
AdalgisaNoble hostageGirl
AdeleA short form of adelaideGirl
AdelinaA form of AdelineGirl
AdelmoA hard and preserving nobleBoy
AdrianaFrom hadriaUnisex
AdrianoLatin - Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of AdrianBoy
AdrinaA short form of adrianaGirl
AeldaA warrior, one who fights warGirl
AgataOne who is good at heart and mind, pure, kind, gentle and a nature lover.Girl
AgnesinaA pure and virginal womanGirl
AgustinLatin - August, dignified, holy; A variant of name AugustineBoy
AgustinoItalian form of AugustinusBoy
AgustoVenerated; majestic; dignifiedBoy
AidaSomething of value given in return of some thing good, Reward in some cases it means returnGirl
AlcinaA sorceress who rules over a magical, strongwilledGirl
AldinaOld friend who deserves best in lifeGirl
AldoSomething old, archaicBoy
AlessandraForm Of AlexandraGirl
AlessiaGreek - Defender; Defender of Men; Protector of Mankind; A form of AlexandraGirl
AlessioProtector of mankindBoy
AlexiusOld Greek - Defender; A variant of name AlexisBoy
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